Steve Jobs 12 years in the same clothes – time for a makeover?

Steve Jobs has become a legendary figure in the last few years. His return to Apple has signified a new era for a company he co-founded all those years ago. His presentation skills are still considered to be unrivaled, making hopeless fan-boys of anyone who watches him unveil the next iProduct.  But one thing remains unchanged ever since he re-joined the big A – his wardrobe.

Shunning the more traditional view of Fortune 100 company’s CEO being required to wear a suit and tie, Steve shocked the community back in 1998 by appearing in his first presentation wearing jeans, a turtle-neck sweater and snickers. Even more disturbing is that this is exactly the wardrobe for all of his presentations since. May the combination of St. Croix black turtleneck, blue Levi’s 501 and New Balance 991 shoes be some kind of magic? Who knows! But whether there is some secret in this plain combination of everyday garments or the success is to be attributed exclusively to Steve’s talents, we await each and every one of his presentations with held breaths.