Hero Defense in Review – Good Luck, You’re Gonna Need It.

Hero Defense 1

Hero Defense is a game very similar to Townrs Defender, which I had previously reviewed for TMA. There are some differences that make this game unique in its own way, but ultimately the biggest thing that separates it from Townrs is the difficulty level. Hero Defense is hard – really hard. If that’s the kind of game you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place – and I’m ready to tell you all about it.

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Avatar of War in Review – Waging war can be insanely addictive!


Peace is generally described as a period between war – and war is bad. But waging war on the iPhone is a whole different story. It may actually be a way to world peace, since all of the aggression would be funneled harmlessly into our glass consoles. Well, CDE have released a new and creative way to do that! Generals, forward!

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Strongholds in Review – Build your house of cards and crush the enemy!


I was an avid Magic the Gathering fan and gamer for a couple of years in my university days, and it surprises me why there next to no games that use CCG (Collectable Card Game) mechanics on the iPhone. The genre is perfect for the platform, combining turn-based gameplay, multiplayer, low system requirements and excellent use of in-app purchasing. Well, Digital Worlds has stepped in and laid a claim to the genre!

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EGO City Invasion in Review – Zombies shall NOT pass!

review-ego-city-invasion-mainLately, there has been a mass of Castle Defense games rush to the App Store, from StickWars to the luxurious Knights Onrush and Bailout Wars. Well, the good thing is that EGO City Invasion is not like them… Sort of… and sort of is… In short, EGO City Invasion is a cross between Castle Defense, Heavy Mach and a little Worms thrown in for good measure. How is this possible? Well, read on to find how the Castle Defense concept can be twisted in new and ingenious ways.

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Animal Kingdom in Review – doesn’t matter if you’re black or white

Animal Kingdom 1Animal Kingdom is kind of like Chess mixed with rock/paper/scissors. From the introduction screen, you’re shown in what order a piece can take another – each one has a ranking and it can only take a piece under it in value – just like rock/paper/scissors. But like Chess, Animal Kingdom is deceptively deep, with lots of strategy involved if you want to emerge victorious.

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Boom Brigade in Review – Trace, Boom, Bang!


The iPhone really is the king of the Pick-Me-Up gaming platform, especially if you just want to knock off a half our or so. Having said that, not many games at the AppStore are even worth losing a half-hour, let alone their asking price. I’m glad to say that today’s app, however, is. So, without further ado, I shall present Boom Brigade by 10tons Ltd.

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Castle Warriors in Review – Show the pesky orcs, who’s the boss around here!

The iPhone is THE platform for pick-me-up-and-play games. And there certainly are a lot of them on the App Store. Unfortunately, few of them warrant any attention, and even fewer offer any challenge for that grey mass in your skull. But every once in a while, there comes a gem that can really showcases what we’ve come to expect from the App Store. One of such games is Castle Warriors, a reiteration of the Galcon concept, but with a twist.

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Xeno Sola in Review – formerly known as Starcassonne

Xeno Sola 1

There have been any number of variations on the theme of this game – placing tiles/cards on the field of play making sure to match all the sides. Waterworks is one example, Triazzle is another. What makes Xeno Sola stand apart and work so well is the sheer variety of cards/tiles available and the scifi theme. Without those things, however, it might just be a bland game of matching, but with them it becomes a game of chance and strategy against aliens to see who can gain the most money out of the construction of a space station.

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Conquest (Risk Style Game) in Review – Ukraine is weak!


You can even Conquest sideways

Okay, I will tell you a story, and I want you to reply with, ‘TMI’, or ‘too much information’, okay? When I was in grades 11-13, I was in many ways a bigger nerd I am than now. Apart from starting the pen-twirling club at my school and leading the floor-sliding club for best distance, I played Risk or Diplomacy every lunch period. That meant never finishing a game, but carefully packing, unpacking, and then tallying up pieces at the end. I’m a good sport, but as in all things gaming, a loser. In truth, after no fewer than 30 tries of taking over the world (RISK), or Europe (Diplomacy), my score card was litteredwith fewer check marks than I have thumbs. TMI, right? Conquest brings back those hazy secondary school days of so long ago. While developer Seon O’Connor swears that Conquest isn’t associated with Hasbro or RISK in any way, Conquest is one of the best RISK clones I have ever played and a great port of the Windows app.

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