Defender Chronicles – In the App Store today and Out to you!


Out officially today, Defender Chronicles promises to mess you up with cleverly furious 2D Tower Defence action. We have already done a hands-on preview and a heads-up — we just cannot get enough of the next Chillingo release! Of course, for your reading and playing pleasure, we are ‘working’ on an in-depth review.

Gimka Entertainment (Chillingo), Defender Chronicles, 2.99$, 40.9MB
Defender Chronicles

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Star Defense – Tower Defence’s True 3rd Dimension


As has been mentioned before, Tower Defence is a crowded genre at the App Store – very crowded – and full of great games. When ngmoco announced Star Defense, a true-3D TD game to hit App Store shelves around June, an almost audible groan could be heard from many gaming fans who have tasted the best already and are wanting something different for dessert. Well, Star Defense is not just another TD, it is another TD that has enough new gameplay to warrant a new genre.

Ngmoco, Star Defense, 5.99$, 60.8MB
Star Defense

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Knights Onrush in Review – Rush On Out and Grab It


Knights Onrush is a deceptive game. Its deceptively simple – defend your castle from waves of enemies trying to storm your gate. So in some ways, it’s your typical tower defense game. But at the same time, you are far more involved in the immediate defense of your castle in Knights Onrush than in similar games. It’s not just relegated to your placing defenses and letting them do their work – you have to actively deploy those defenses yourself. And that’s only one of the differences this game presents.

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Pocket Tanks Deluxe in Review – Fire in the Hole!

pocket_tanks_deluxe1Pocket Tanks is a game that has been around in some shape or form since 2001. It’s available for the Windows and OSX platforms. As stated in the iTunes page, “Almost 2 million downloads from alone (PC version).” With such a large fan base, a leg up in terms of gameplay refinement, and the staying power of 8 years of experience, (I know I’m going to get some flak for this) I’m surprised at how much I felt Pocket Tanks was lacking.

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Kaloki Adventure in Review- Galactic Lemonade Galore!

kaloki_adventure6“Everyone loves galactic lemonade … which means big space bucks for you! How are you going to supply power to your lemonade stand? Better build a solar windmill. How will you pay for the windmill with no space dollars? Kaloki Adventure (Outpost Kaloki X on Xbox live Arcade) is the light-hearted space-station tycoon game filled with clever characters and wacky storylines, where it’s your job to keep the visiting aliens happy and rake in the cash!”

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UniWar in Review – Starcraft in the palm of your hand?

Historian of human life and the coming end of the world, I am here to tell you from the far flung future of the year 2154, that the events of UniWar are real. This is the fate of our world, the outcome of our people and the end of our existence. You died honorably but painfully.

UniWar is an online multiplayer turn-based strategy game for your iPhone and iPod touch from developer Xpressed. The game itself plays much like the classic Advance Wars for the Gameboy Advance and DS Lite, but has the feel of real-time strategy game Starcraft in its unit abilities and character design.

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iQuest in Review- King For a Day

iquest1I bought iQuest from Better Day Wireless then I first laid my eyes on it in the iTunes App Store. It is a real Fantasy MMO (Massively Multi-player Online) with Role playing elements in it! iQuest is a much more serious MMO in my eyes than the dime a dozen iMafia & iMob. It is a refreshing  and intelligent app and the first MMO of its kind in the app store. It looks pretty grandiose, so let’s see if it lives up to expectations.

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TNA Wrestling in Review – Get Ready To Rumble

tnawrestling1I was surprised, I mean, literally surprised when I first started playing TNA Wrestling on my iTouch. I mean, I played wrestling games before, but I’ve never experienced anything like this. Simply put, TNA Wrestling is the most unique wrestling games I have ever played, seen, or heard of, and the further I progress in the game, the more it continues to astound me and draw me further in.

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Build-a-lot in Review – Be a Real Estate Mogul

buildalot1Have you ever seen “Flip This House” and those Makeover home shows? If you have enjoyed those shows, enjoy strategy, time management and even tycoon games, then Build-a-lot is for you! Build-a-lot, was the #1 casual strategy mobile game that let users build, buy, sell, and rent real estate with one essential goal, to become a real estate mogul.

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