Steam’s Summer Sale: Daily deals for 3 more days

Steam’s awesome seasonal sale is back and once again, PC/Mac gamers can score top notch titles at up to 75% off. 9 featured deals are rotated on a daily basis, and today you’ll find the likes of Fallout New Vegas (now $4.99) L.A Noire (now $4.99), Total War Mega Pack (now $12.49) and more available for your gaming pleasure. Also impressive is their “Pack Deals“, where you can pick up a an entire catalog of games from over 20 publishers for one low price. One such example is the SEGA Hit Collection, which includes 72 games for a low price of $49.99 ($454.57 at regular price). The Steam Summer Sale will only lasts for 3 more days, so be sure to head over and take advantage of these amazing deals while you still can.

Update: Here’s a wicked deal if you’ve been waiting for a severe Civilization V price drop: Civilization V ($7.49 — 75% off), Civilization V Game of Year Edition ($12.49 — 75% off) and Civilization Collection ($24.99 — 82% off). They’re compatible with both Macs and PCs, and you have until tonight midnight (July 21st EST) to snag yours.

10 New App Store Games To Watch [June 14 – 20]

Like last weeks’ New Games Roundup, this installment isn’t littered with Blockbuster and highly anticipated titles, though there should still be enough in the variety department to hold your interest. The big news, of course, was the return of the Prince to take on the GodFinger on iPhone.  Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within finally made its way back to the App Store, and the iPhone version of GodFinger, a comical Populus style game, was released this week.  Super Quickhook, the spiritual successor to Hook Champ, swung into the store, and after a bunch of delays that climaxed in some weird difficulties with the App Store itself, the amusing Pro Zombie Soccer is available for your zombie bashing needs.

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