Steam’s Summer Sale: Daily deals for 3 more days

Steam’s awesome seasonal sale is back and once again, PC/Mac gamers can score top notch titles at up to 75% off. 9 featured deals are rotated on a daily basis, and today you’ll find the likes of Fallout New Vegas (now $4.99) L.A Noire (now $4.99), Total War Mega Pack (now $12.49) and more available for your gaming pleasure. Also impressive is their “Pack Deals“, where you can pick up a an entire catalog of games from over 20 publishers for one low price. One such example is the SEGA Hit Collection, which includes 72 games for a low price of $49.99 ($454.57 at regular price). The Steam Summer Sale will only lasts for 3 more days, so be sure to head over and take advantage of these amazing deals while you still can.

Update: Here’s a wicked deal if you’ve been waiting for a severe Civilization V price drop: Civilization V ($7.49 — 75% off), Civilization V Game of Year Edition ($12.49 — 75% off) and Civilization Collection ($24.99 — 82% off). They’re compatible with both Macs and PCs, and you have until tonight midnight (July 21st EST) to snag yours.

More great deals with Steam Holiday Sale

If you missed out on Steam’s Autumn Sale a few weeks back, fret not as the online megastore is offering another daily deals promo with the Steam Holiday Sale. Everyday until January 1st, 2012, select games will be featured at up to 80% off. Even more impressive is their “Pack Deals“, where you can pick up a an entire catalog of games from over 20 publishers for one low price. For example, you can snag the Square Enix pack for only $99.99 ($712 at regular price) and it comes with all 60 of their games. Meanwhile, the Pop Cap bundle includes 34 of your favorite casual games (including Bejeweled 3 and Plants Vs Zombies) for only $49.99. Head on over to the Stream Online Store for the latest deals and start taking advantage of these crazy good Christmas offers.

Steam’s Autumn Sale has plenty of hit PC and Mac games at up to 80% off

Calling all PC/Mac gamers. Steam has launched a fantastic “Autumn Sale, where different daily deals has some of the biggest titles discounted by as much as 80%. Today’s deals, which started about 30 minutes ago, include Monkey Island Special Edition bundle ($5.09), Total War Mega Pack ($12.49), Fallout Vegas ($4.99) and much more. Not all games on sale can be played on a Mac (assuming you’re living a Windows-free life), though you can browse the Mac section to see which are compatible. The Autumn Sale runs through the Thanksgiving weekend (ending Nov 27th), so be sure to head on over to Steam over the next few days and check up on the latest deals.