Angry Birds - #BringTheAnger

Angry Birds – A 10 Year Retrospective

The Intro In Three Paragraphs Or Less


So I heard a little rumor that Angry Birds turned 10 recently.  As such, I thought I’d whip up a special roundup chronicling the early years of the franchise, as well as share some thoughts on where the IP has been and where it might be going.  Now I’m going to level with you, I am not a die-hard fan of the main series or the property as a whole.  I have nothing against the birds, and I certainly enjoyed the first outing, but the whole package didn’t grip me enough to make me want to spend hours and hours with each iteration of the game as it was released.
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Star Wars: Cantina in Review – been there, done that, but the costumes are cool

What do you do to take a genre that’s starting to get overpopulated and take it to the next level? In the case of time management games, you add a really popular license into the mix. Given that a great percentage of time management games revolve around food, it seems fitting to feature a setting reminiscent of one of the most memorable bar scenes in sci-fi history, a Cantina on the planet of Mos Esely. Now that we’ve got the force of Star Wars backing us up (take that for whatever pun you’d like), we have to hope that there’s some addictive gameplay involved. Read on to see how Star Wars: Cantina performs as a TM game!

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