Star Trek Movie – Boldly Going Down that Lane Again


My love affair with Star Trek began about the time of Star Trek the Next Generation when, in between series, I needed something sci-fi to keep up with. Thus, I got my hands on re-ran 1966-1969 Original espisodes, screenplay-adapted novels and plastic models. It wasn’t long before I dreampt of sidling to others of my kind at Star Trek conventions and lost my discomfit at being called a ‘Trekkie’ or ‘Trekker’.

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Star Trek – Boldly taking your iDevice where it’s never gone before!


With only days left before the maiden voyage of an all new Star Trek film for an entirely new generation of fans to discover. An owner of Apple’s shiny little device may be asking them self, “Where’s my Star Trek game?” Anyone who plays games on a regular basis knows any summer blockbuster worth its weight in gold and significance on pop culture has a tie-in game. Well fans, I’m here to tell you your question has an answer. Thanks to the folks at Electronic Arts you’ll be taking control of the U.S.S. Enterprise in its intergalactic mission to seek out and destroy your enemies.

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