Win a $10 iTunes Gift Card + Promo codes for Star Walk

TouchMyApps is giving away a $10 iTunes Gift Card and 3 promo codes for the iDevice app Star Walk – 5 stars Astronomy Guide, courtesy of Vito Technology. Star Walk was selected by Apple in their annual “Best Apps of 2009” and it truly is a wonderful and fully featured app for stargazing enthusiasts.

Make Star Walk your virtual astronomy guide and take advantage of the great interface! For anyone who is interested in stargazing, amateurs or more professional astronomers to discover all stars, planets, constellation! …Use the Star Spotter function to activate the DIGITAL COMPASS on 3GS only, find your orientation and you will see the sky in front of you in real-time. You can pan the iPhone’s display and watch the stars scroll around.

For those of you who have a 3GS, being able to “see” the stars on your screen in real time as you move about is simply awesome. So, if astronomy is a hobby and/or winning an iTunes GC is your thing, don’t pass up on this giveaway! Contest details after the break!

Star Walk - 5 stars astronomy guide Vito Technology Inc., Star Walk – 5 stars astronomy guide – $2.99

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