Splashtop Remote Desktop Free now available, full version on sale for $0.99

iPad Screenshot 4

Splashtop Remote Desktop (TMA Review), a very capable remote access app that allows your iPad to connect to your PC, now has a Free version that will support connections of up to 5 minutes at a time. For those not familiar with Splashtop, the app gives users the ability to control their computer right from the iPad. Unlike many of the competition, it even supports video and audio playback, meaning you can also play flash or windows games remotely. So long as you’re connected with relatively strong wifi signal, Splashtop works surprisingly well.

If you do decide to check out the Free version and like it, Splashtop Remote Desktop is now on sale for $0.99. At this price, you’d be hard pressed to find a similar app that will offer as much in return.

Splashtop Remote Desktop DeviceVM, Splashtop Remote Desktop (TMA Review), 6.1 MB – $0.99
Splashtop Remote Desktop Free DeviceVM, Splashtop Remote Desktop Free, 6.1 MB – Free

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