Alice in Bomberland in Review – all I ever hear is ‘bang bang’


Itsy bitsy controls meets static platformer meets Dr. Strangelove. I’m sure that the finer details are being swept aside in favour of a cleverly pithy lead-in but, tosh, who cares. Alice in Bomberland (AiB) really is all those things, and for fans of literature and comic gaming, there is probably no weirder, better choice. Well, almost….

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Alice in Bomberland – Sonic BOOM’s next big bang


Lewis Caroll either wrote about his niece in the perennially popular Alice in Wonderland, or, as is often explained, his imagination may have drifted in cloud-like from other sources (wink, wink). Nevertheless, the classic canonical English story is getting a rush of contemporary interest. As Sonic BOOM envision it, Alice in Bomberland’s exotic mix of game play will hardly be a departure from its incredible origins.  Check after the gap for more info!

Here is TMA’s review of Alice in Bomberland.

Sonic BOOM, Alice in Bomberland, 1.99$, 9.7 MB
Alice in Bomberland

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Puzzlings in Review – Addiction in Game Form


I’ve made my current interest in puzzle games known in my previous reviews, and I’m willing to try lots of different puzzlers in my quest to find one that feeds those necessary qualities to really keep me coming back for more. Azkend and Aurora Fient almost did it – they’re both fantastic games – but Puzzlings uses the “gotta collect ‘em all” mentality to ensure it digs its claws into you and keeps you hooked.

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