Ping! for iPad now available

One of the most popular social networking apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch has now made it over to the iPad.  Ping! had previously been sitting atop the charts in its own respective app category for over 6 months in over 40 countries. With Ping! you no longer have to pay SMS charges just to send messages back and forth between your family and friends. As long as both parties have the app, messaging is unlimited and Free. Here’s what developer Gary Fung have passed on to us:

A tremendous amount of effort and time has been spent on our iPad version to deliver the best possible experience.  In order to engage in an immersive experience, we have built a beautiful, polished user interface mirroring the paper note metaphor.  Users will exchange messages like passing notes, creating a fun and vivid experience where messages come to life in your lap!

We’ve also been told that the initial release for the iPad is currently missing some of the features and functionality of the iPhone and iPod Touch counterparts. Not to worry though, subsequent updates will bring picture/ video messaging as well as other advanced features. For soon-to-be iPad owners who already rely on Ping! to stay in touch, the $2.99 price tag shouldn’t be hard to swallow. A video demo showcasing the app in action can be found after the gap.

marvel-comics Gary Fung, Ping! for iPad – $2.99

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iGift4u nominated 2009 Best App Ever for Social Networking

San Francisco, California – SiVola, LLC today is pleased to announce that iGift4u, Facebook & Twitter All-in-1 Fun, has been nominated as the winner of the “2009 Best App Ever Award” in the Social Networking category for iPhone applications. The annual competition “2009 Best App Ever Awards” is considered the Oscars of the iPhone apps released in the Apple App Store. SiVola’s iGift4u, the leading iPhone app integrating multiple social networking functionalities, won the contest ahead of the popular official Facebook iPhone application (second place) and Friend Focus (third place).

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TweetyShow 1.0 for iPhone – Shows Photos Being Posted on Twitter, Live

Lausanne, Switzerland – Nicolas Seriot and Anton Anton today are pleased to announce the release of TweetyShow 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch devices. TweetyShow shows photos posted on Twitter in real time. iPhone users can scroll through an endless grid of photos coming live from the Twitter-sphere. The result is a strange, addictive and poetic experience. Whereas Twitter communication is traditionally text only, Twitter users frequently post links to photos, using services like Twitpic or Yfrog. TweetyShow’s goal is to put these photos in the spotlight.

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WeeMee Avatar Creator – say goodbye to kites and frogs

Is this app as cool-looking as paintingWalls? Hard to say. But after a little tinkering around WeeWorld’s virtual styling app, your avatar will look cooler than any mauve wall will. WeeMee Avatar Creator puts thousands of creative points in your hand to tailor that special MiniYou. You can view, export, and edit WeeMee’s at any time and even integrate them into your device’s address book for fun, cartoony calls.

WeeMee Avatar Creator WeeWorld, WeeMee Avatar Creator – $0.99

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Meebo meet iPhone; iPhone, chat away!

Meebo is a great HTML interface for a load of messaging clients, and is absolutely necessary to circumvent job security and productivity in workplaces which ban instant messaging. It’s been available via HTML since 2005, buffing a few reasons I love the web, and now, in 2010, it comes to the iPhone as a native app. Right, so a native app isn’t as stick-it-to-the-man as is HTML, but hokt damn, it’s Meebo! It still supports: AOL / AIM, Yahoo!, MSN / Windows Live, Gmail / Google Talk, Facebook, MySpace, and 100+ networks, and thankfully, stays free. Thanks Meebo!

Meebo Meebo, Inc., Meebo – Free

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Text Vision In Review – WATWW: Walk And Text Without Worry!

We live in a society that’s “always connected”. If it’s not text it’s Twitter, or Facebook, or some other social hub. We like to be able to keep in touch everywhere, all the time. You can’t walk 6 metres down a sidewalk without seeing somebody tapping away on a mobile device – a dangerous pastime. Thanks to ingenious developer TouchMiPhone’s latest app, Text Vision, you can stay out of danger’s way.

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9,999 Ringtones Uncensored in Review – Now Your Phone Can Tell You Who’s Calling

One of the issues that circled the iPhone for awhile was the inability to make custom ringtones.  Apple fumbled initially but eventually recovered but whilst down, numerous companies sprung up to offer their services. They offer everything from creating ringtones to custom custom soundboards.  The latter I have with me today in 9,999 Ringtones Uncensored.

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WhatsApp Messenger in Review – fab for iPhone friends!

WhatsApp Messenger was one of the first apps I purchased when I got my iPhone. Given how my iPhone tariff doesn’t have as many text messages included as my previous one (500 as opposed to 1,000), I thought it would be a good idea to research ways to contact my friends and family without exceeding my SMS allowance. After digging around, looking at prices and reading reviews .WhatsApp Messenger seemed to be the best option. Costing just 59p in the UK App Store, WhatsApp Messenger is basically an IM program, but also works perfectly well in place of text messaging.

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One of the things the iPhone lacked at launch was an iPhone to iPhone messenger. Yes we all have various text message bundles, but odds are that you have a monthly limit. There have been a few entrants in the iDevice to iDevice messaging arena. However in a lot of cases either the price is high, the features are too limited, or the UI is hideous. Thankfully I was able to get my hands on from developers Treebune s.r.l. and I couldn’t be any happier.

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Quick App Update: IM+ 3.4 now Available

im_mainSHAPE Services, makers of the popular chat app IM+ for the iPhone/iPod Touch, have released the much anticipated 3.4 update at the App Store. Already a solid choice as an “All-in-One Messenger” for iDevice Users, SHAPE taken the app to another level with some great new additions:

  • Speech recognition as an in-app purchase feature.
  • Animated Emoticons.
  • Copy text from chat bubbles.
  • New email notifications via Push – for Hotmail, Yahoo and GMail.

TMA’s ChiffaN had an exclusive look at the update several weeks back and reviewed IM+, his copy based on the final version submitted to Apple.

All in all, IM+ is a real gem. Since installation, I have removed all other networking and messaging apps (except for Facebook), and haven’t regretted it. It really helps keeping all of your messaging in one place and does an excellent job of it.

If you’re tired of using mediocre messaging apps, IM+ is certainly one of the top choices out there for your iPhone/iPod Touch.  There is also a free Lite version you can try out, though it doesn’t have the latest features from the 3.4 update.

SHAPE Services, IM+ , $9.99, 6.5 MB

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