Freebie Alert: Hotel Dash and Soap Opera Dash now Free (for limited time)

Last week, we saw Cooking Dash (TMA Review) and Wedding Dash (TMA Review) both go free on the App Store. Now, Playfirst’s other two Dash titles have joined the freebie ranks: Hotel Dash and Soap Opera Dash. Eric previously reviewed the former and gave it a Grab It rating:

Hotel Dash is the latest entry in the series, and it’s upped the ante in several ways.  If you’re a time management veteran you’ll feel right at home and appreciate the additional challenge, but if you’re new to the whole concept this might not be the best place to start.  So far I’m loving it, and I can’t wait to see what the next installment in the franchise has to offer.

No time frame has been given as to how long this latest offer will last, though judging from last week, they’ll likely stay free for the next 2 days.

Hotel Dash PlayFirst, Hotel Dash (TMA Review), 80.3 MB – Free
Soap Opera Dash PlayFirst, Soap Opera Dash, 75.4 MB – Free

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10 New App Store Games To Watch [Feb. 14 – 20]

It feels like it’s 1985 again with this week’s lead-in, Back To The Future Ep. 1 HD (yeah, you thought I was going to mention that silly RTS first, didn’t you?)  I was a huge fan of the series that spawned this adventure game, and the inclusion of Christopher Lloyd to reprise his role as Doc Brown is just icing on the cake.  Oh, and I suppose there’s that Starfront: Collision that’s been making some waves as well, huh?  If you’re into RTS games, this is probably THE iPhone game to get right now.  On the other hand, if you like your games a bit more simple and lighthearted, you’d do well to check out Zombie Runaway or Pixel Pig, a couple of casual games that could bring out the juvenile in all of us.

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