Skyfire Web Browser In Review – Flash on the iPhone now a Reality

If you’re lucky like me (and the many other App Store lurkers) you were able to get your hands on Skyfire during its initial launch day.¬†Claiming to be able to play just about any flash video, it was anticipated by just about everyone with an iDevice. Unfortunately, due to a massive surge of users, SkyFire’s servers crashed and the app was pulled from the App Store within 5 hours of release. The good news is that the app is now back (currently US only), and will continue to be re-released in batches in other countries. Let’s take a look and see if flash video is ready for prime time on the iPhone.

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Watch Flash Videos on your iPhone with SkyFire Mobile Browser [Video]

Running Flash content on your iDevice isn’t new. We’ve seen it in the form of Frash, though you’ll need a jailbroken iPhone and it’s far from perfect. But what about a simple (and legit) solution for watching Flash videos on your iPhone? Well according to CNNMoney, this soon will become a reality as Apple has finally approved the Mobile Browser app SkyFire, which will make its grand appearance on the App Store this Thursday at 9AM EST for the price of $2.99.

Already a popular app on the Android platform, SkyFire is able detect and convert Flash videos into HTML 5 on SkyFire’s servers. As this process is happening on the fly, users will then be able to watch these videos that were previously unavailable to the iPhone/iPod Touch. Unfortunately, SkyFire won’t let you play with Flash games, or non-video Flash content, but it’s still a great start for users who’ve been starving for Flash on the platform. Check out the demo video of the app in action after the gap.

Update: SkyFire arrived a bit earlier than expected and is now live on the App Store!

Skyfire Web Browser Skyfire Labs, Skyfire Web Browser, 2.5MB Р$2.99

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