Lunar Module 3D in Review – Great way to remember Project Apollo’s 40th Anniversary!!


It’s just such a coincidence that I received Lunar Module 3D during the week that Apollo XI landed on the Moon forty years ago. I have been reading, hearing and watching news and movie clips on this event for a number of weeks leading to the actual anniversary of the landing. What better way to celebrate than to digitally re-create what Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin did in this historic event.

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Forget GTA – Gangstar Cometh

While not exactly a GTA-clone, Gangstar is similarly stationed – a violent game involving crime, money, and lots of blood. The above video is courtesy of a TouchArcade preview the iPhone ‘port’ of the game. I use quotation marks because, as you will see, this ain’t exactly 2006’s Gangstar.

Unlike its direct competitors at the App Store: Payback and Car Jack Streets, Gangstar is a fully 360 degree free-camera 3D game which makes great use of the iDevices 3D processor.

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Stand O’ Food in Review – You Can Makez Hamburger!


Stand O’ Food is a restaurant based strategy game from renowned mobile game development studio G5 Entertainment. The premise of the game is fairly straight forward. You are a cook in a restaurant and it’s your job to fill the orders of each of your customers in a timely fashion. Although the idea of the game is simple, completing the task at hand may not be as easy.

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The Sims 3 – Review and Tips from shigzeo, the Sleaze

EA have type-casted me as a sleaze and I will admit to liking it. But, let me straighten out one thing: prior to playing the Sims 3, I had no idea what a ‘woohoo’ was and why my sim should as a dying wish desire it 8 times in one day. Well, after at least 17 hours of play, I have not accomplished his goal, but I have learned how to be a true and proper sleaze in this beautiful game.

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Flight Control in Review – Sitting in the Airport Just Got Interesting!

flightcontrol1I had originally grabbed Flight Control on a whim, something about the simplistic art style and the 99 cent price tag flipped my impulse switch. Before I even recognized what I was doing, the game installed on my iPod. Going in I had no expectations for the game, hell I barely even knew what it was about! After the initial loading screen you’re confronted with this simple question “Welcome Aboard! Would you like game sounds?” Without considering the ramifications of my actions I clicked the red “YES” button. The slightly upbeat elevator music transported me to a 1950’s airport terminal. I had become an Air Traffic Controller, not just any air traffic controller… I was the BEST.

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Ow My Balls! – Erupts onto the iTunes Market Place + 5 Promo Codes!


A couple of weeks ago we gave you the lowdown on the withdraw of Ow My Balls! from the iTunes market place by its developer Jetson Creative. We promised you then, we’d keep you informed of future developments. That magnificent day has arrived. Ow My Balls! has resurfaced at the app store and I set down (through e-mails) with head of development Josh Michaels to bring you all the juicy details.

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Bass Fishing Mania in Review- Fishing Smack down

bassfishingmania1Bass Fishing Mania is another Fishing Sim from Player One Sports, which gave me a good indication this would be good for Fishing fans! I don’t fish in real life, 1993 was the last time I really went fishing with my then father-in-law and I only caught tiny little fish. He told my sister and I to throw the little guys back in the water. I wanted to catch bigger fish without the stinky smell and little did I know years later I could relive the fishing experience via technology.

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Build-a-lot in Review – Be a Real Estate Mogul

buildalot1Have you ever seen “Flip This House” and those Makeover home shows? If you have enjoyed those shows, enjoy strategy, time management and even tycoon games, then Build-a-lot is for you! Build-a-lot, was the #1 casual strategy mobile game that let users build, buy, sell, and rent real estate with one essential goal, to become a real estate mogul.

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Cooking Mama in Review – Great little game for kids and teenagers!!

cookingmama1Cooking Mama really doesn’t need any introduction; it’s been one of the more popular games on the Nintendo platform, both the Wii and the NDS. However, there is problem – some “serious” gamers think that Nintendo consoles are really for kids due to the fact that that they lack violent games such as Gears of War. Hence I applaud Taito for porting Cooking Mama to the iPhone/ iPod Touch platform, because this way the game can be played by more gamers.

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