Heavy Gunner 3D – Lock, load, and unleash hell!

Heavy Gunner 3D is out and serving up 3D action for alien-blasting fans. The action takes place in a cockpit behind dual turrets. Com2uS paid special attention to making killing alien scum fun and intuitive, so apart from pretty nice graphics, Heavy Gunner has a lot of great upgrades and a pretty solid control scheme to recommend it other than its dubbing as ‘Matrix Revolution gunning’ for the iDevice. TouchMyApps will be looking at it later this week, so keep your eyes peeled for our trigger-friendly review. Till then, feel free to discuss Heavy Gunner 3D in our forums.


Piccies, gameplay footage and more after the gap:

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Robot Rampage In Review – robots, lasers, destruction – Awesome!

A while back I reviewed Underground, a great side scrolling game by Chillingo which brings back the fun of the side-scrolling genre. I hadn’t really seen anything worth looking at lately until chatter about developer Origin8’s new title Robot Rampage started filling my ears. I have been a fan of their games for quite some time and had high hopes for this one. Read on to see if the app is a worthy rampage, or worthless rubbish.

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Guerrilla Bob in Review – Commandante Bob is out for blood! John Gore’s blood!

Guerilla Bob is one of the App Store’s most hyped and anticipated games. The last time I saw this much hype was just before Chillingo’s MiniGore came out. I know many of you may want to strangle me for saying this, but I think that blockheaded game got lucky. Will Guerilla Bob make me say the same thing? No, and here’s why…

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2360: Battle for Cydonia in Review – Finally a step away from the dreaded V-Pad

It seems more and more developers are finally starting to realize they are not limited to using a virtual joystick for shooter games. Just recently I reviewed Heavy Mach 2 – a top-down shooter using touch-placed waypoints for controlling the movement and attacks. And now another shooter has fully utilized the unique multi-touch capabilities of the iPhone in their latest creation 2360: Battle for Cydonia – an interesting and quite original top-down shooter.

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Price drop: CYEARS ShootingSimulator – FREE to dodge!

Sometime ago I reviewed CYEARS ShootingSimulator an interesting and original game that provided the unique perspective on how it would feel like being the enemy in a vertical shooter game. And while it got a Slap it rating from me, my main concern was the price/quality ration. Well, the developers have decided to drop it to FREE! I don’t know for how long it will last, but there is no reason not to get and find out whether I was right or not. And you can always check out my review again.

CYEARS ShootingSimulator IMJ Mobile, CYEARS ShootingSimulator – Free

Heavy Mach 2 in Review – Putting the heavy in top down shooters

Heavy Mach 2 is a sequel to Heavy Mach (TMA Review) – a critically acclaimed side-scroller that went live about a year ago. Heavy Mach featured solid gameplay and an interesting interface using the accelerometer to control horizontal movement. At the same time it’s not simple matter of evolution – Heavy Mach 2 has been reworked from scratch and it would be completely fair to say that the only thing in common between it and its older sibling is its parent developer: IndieAn.

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Kim Rhode’s Outdoor Shooting in Review- Incinerating Rabbits, One Missile At A Time

Hunting games have been a mixed bag in the AppStore. Just like a new Planter’s bag of peanuts, some are salty delicious and some are stale. For the most part, the genre has been rather successful on the AppStore; although, there has been no official Cabela games. Well, Cabela no more, because Kim Rhode’s Outdoor Shooting has made it onto the AppStore and it’s a head trophy.

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Project Phoenix in Review – 21st century Jackal

I suppose I am showing my age by titling this review after what I consider to be one of the best team-games of all time: Jackal for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The controls are different, and as of yet, there is no multiplayer. But the frantic, frenetic action is the same. And if you like to blow up baddies, I there aren’t many better ways to spend a few minutes, or 2$.

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Flatspace in Review – Lost in Flatspace!


One of my favourite game genres is open-space exploration. In the early 1990s, I fell in love with Origin’s Privateer and up a logical progressive ladder through the X series. The freedom to go anywhere, to do anything, and to be anyone is appealing. Imagine my excitement when I noticed that finally an open world space faring game has come to the iPhone! Now double it and read on!

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