Blue Attack! in Review – Neon Colored Wonderful


There is a word I rarely use when reviewing a game: exceptional. Yet, Blue Attack! rightly deserves this description. John Kooistra has managed to create a game that reaches a level of polish, gameplay, and affordability that sets it apart from most others in the SHMUP (Shoot ’em up) genre and within the landfill that is the App Store. This is one game that definitely rises above the rest.

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Dropship in Review – The Best Arcade Game on the iPhone?

ngmoco:) has quickly become a developer many are keeping a close eye on for the iPhone. While they may not have released a bundle of games thus far, the ones that ngmoco have are both fun and unique in their own way (Topple, Dr. Awesome). With the recent release of Dropship, ngmoco has outdone themselves this time and quite possibly have put together the ultimate Arcade game that is as addictive as it is impressive.

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Platypus – A Fun iPhone Shooter made of Clay

Platypus is one of those titles that has had relative success, but it seems like not a whole lot of people know about the game. Having already been released on the PC, Mac, Smart Phones and the PSP, it has now found its way on to the iPhone. The one aspect that sets Platypus apart from other side scrolling shooters is that its entire world is created by clay. Anthony Flack, the game’s creator, painstakingly made every single element from a single lump of clay and photographed them with a digital camera. No wonder it is one of the most unique looking games out for the iPhone.

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