Underground in Review – The SHMUP! You’ve Been Looking For

underground-review1I’ve said quite often in the past that when it comes to games for the iPlatform, my favorites are almost always the “pick up and play” style games. They are usually the easiest to learn and the most addictive. Outside of gaming, one of my longest passions is graffiti art. Up until a little over a month ago, I would have never expected those worlds to collide. Thanks to the powerhouse team of Chillingo and Kinelco and their latest App Store title Underground, I couldn’t be happier.

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Chillingo’s Underground shooter set to debut at the App Store

Back in June, we had posted some info about Chillingo‘s upcoming Underground, a title described as a ‘a horror/graffiti themed side scrolling shoot em up’ (aka shmup). Well Chillingo has sent us word that their latest App Store offering has just been submitted and should be available for all iDevices shortly. Developed by Kinelco, Underground is easily the most stylish and dressed up shooter for the iPhone, even featuring graffiti artwork by renowned street artist Mr Frames and original Hip Hop music score composed by Pp3d, which  fuses dark beats and hip hop to compliment the look ‘n feel of Underground.

Take a journey with a graffiti artist through the underground transport system as they battle through their inner demons on a mission to rectify a previous art crime. Fight your way through a series of street art inspired levels and lift the curse that seems to haunt their every move. Unfold the story as you stop at each beautifully 3D rendered station and get closer to the truth behind the myth. Classic 2d side scrolling shoot em up gameplay takes you on a trip through the thoughts and anxieties of our cursed artist as they make their way to their final destination.

From the new gameplay footage, it seems as though Chillingo has a very promising and unique shooter on their hands and one that should please fans of the genre. Keep an eye out for our review as SteveNaka will be giving Underground the full-on treatment. More screenshots and details after the jump.

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SHMUP Underground Coming Soon from Chillingo


Chillingo aim to bring a new SHMUP to the App store whose central theme is street-art as fought along the underground. Yes, you heard correctly, ‘fought along the underground’. Underground’s art is the work of Mr Frames of BBC, MTV and the Royal Academy of Arts fame and will probably forge ahead a new genre of game in the App Store: Horror/SHMUP.

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Glandarius Wing Strike in Review – Another Look In The Shmup Bin


More and more, each foray into the AppStore games section is becoming a virtual equivalent to my experiences in the brick and mortar stores. You have a bunch of big name and popular games that are highlighted on either the frontpage or the easily accessible shelves of the stores. Then you have the bargain bin and back corners. Once in a while, you’ll find a hidden gem, but most of the offerings are mediocre at best. The problem is, there are tons and tons of mediocre offerings – it’s difficult to distinguish one from the other. Glandarius Wing Strike reminds me of those bargain bin games that fail to become diamonds in the rough.

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