Three for Free: Fruity Jelly, The Sims Medieval and SHIFT 2 Unleashed

Like yesterday’s Apps Gone Free, these three freebies shouldn’t be missed, especially the 2 EA offerings.

Fruity Jelly Fruity Jelly  – Another Bulkypix game to go free (Anooki Jump being the other), Fruit Jelly is a solid physics puzzle game that has you rotating levels and moving Fruity to meet each stage’s objectives. The game offers cute (retina) graphics, 40 levels, 2 game modes and being a universal app, you can play it on both your iPhone or iPad.

The Sims™ Medieval The Sims Medieval  – The latest installment in the Sims universal, The Sims Medieval goes old-school, taking you back in time to castles, kings, jesters and knights. If you’ve played other Sim games on iOS, like The Sims 3 World Adventures, you’ll know what to expect, though personally, The Sims Medieval is my favorite of the bunch.

SHIFT 2 Unleashed SHIFT 2 Unleashed – Free for the first time ever, Shift 2 Unleashed is EA’s best looking racer, featuring a career mode with over 40 events and 40 cars. Local mutiplayer on WiFi or bluetooth lets you take on friends head-to-head. And with the most recent update, you can even connect to your big screen TV via the iPad 2’s HDMI out functionality. Shift 2 for the iPad is also free alongside the iPhone version.

These Freebies won’t last long, so be sure to grab ‘em pronto!

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