ShakeItPhoto In Review – Shake it, just like a polaroid

The built-in-camera is one of the popular features of the iPhone. There is a whole section of the AppStore devoted to apps that make use of it. From postcards to panoramic, photo cropping to image editing. Some more of gimmick then others that can just blow your mind. Today I got my hands on a fun little app that I would say is a bit gimmicky (if that’s a word) but still fun. Read on to see how Shakeitphoto developed.

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ShakeItPhoto – the iPhone’s best fauxlaroid app gets better with 1.1 update


If you’ve not had the chance to try a Polaroid camera, you really are missing out. Why? Well, even after the advent of digital cameras many years ago, the Polaraoid remained the best instant camera because it was quick, and required the photographer to do some exercise. Snap, shake and share – it was as easy as that. ShakeItPhoto is a Polaroid emulator brought to you by Nick Campbell which adds fun and a few features to the iPhone camera.

Nick Campbell, ShakeItPhoto, 0.99$, 4.4 MB

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