iPhone 101: Undo/Redo Typing on OS 3.0


While many of the more experienced iPhone/iPod Touch users out there already know this handy little tip, I have recently come across quite a few iDevice owners who have yet to discover some of the not so obvious functions of the 3.0 firmware.  It used to be that whenever you had to delete some text, you would have to tap on the backspace key until the necessary edits have been made. Now, with OS 3.0, all this can be achieved via a simple shake of the iPhone or Touch.

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QuickOffice Updates: 1.3 brings great changes, pricedrop


The 1.3 point release of QuickOffice brings with it some exciting changes. The first, you may notice is its new, low price of 12.99$. When I had originally reviewed the suite, it cost 19.99$, so the new sale price represents a savings of 35%. QuickOffice is still not useful as a Chinese/Japanese input editor, but its new features make for a much more useful suite.

Quickoffice, Quickoffice® Mobile Office Suite, 12.99$, 7.4 MB
Quickoffice® Mobile Office Suite ON SALE! (Word, Excel & WiFi)

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