Sexapp Shop – Nerd Porn on the Go!


When I decried Apple’s wishy washy stance toward iPhone porn, I was on to something. iPhone porn viewing won’t magically disappear because of a lack of official support. And with the constant rise of internet pornography, malicious sites are taking advantage of unwary users. So, rather than avoiding the issue of sex, why not commercialise a safe, phishing-free app or suite of apps for porn users? It has been a long time coming (pun?), but thanks to Sexapp Shop and the Premier App Shop, now there is a way. While not downloadable via iTunes or the App Store, Sexshop apps are real, legal apps which use “Apple-approved technology”, but the best bit is that from purchase to play, the process is discreet and mindful of the user’s privacy.

Screens and more info after the gap:

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