Green Tips! – free, eco-friendly for the green beginner

Here’s a conundrum: why do some ‘green’ apps ask you to pay for tips which can be read for free on internet? The answer is another shade of green. Sedona Software’s Green Tips! is one of a few which ask nothing in return to not only saving you a few dollars, but pointing you in a better direction. Okay, so a lot of the tips are ‘common sense’, but surprise surprise, there is no monopoly of the stuff. Another free app which uses the same or very similar database is MacAppetite’s GreenNexxus Green Tips (notice a trend?). The venerable Go Green is also a good free choice.

Green Tips! Sedona Software, Green Tips! – Free

GreenNexxus Green Tips MacAppetite, GreenNexxus Green Tips – Free

Go Green Webworks and Applications, Go Green – Free

One thing to be wary of though: all of these apps refer to very similar databases. And each is not for the true environmentalist; they are for newbies who still own cars and think nothing of plastic bags or running the tap for hours. These tips are very good for the beginner.

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