iOS 6.1 Security Hole Found: Access phone module from locked screen


Remember the major security hole found in iOS 4.1 from a few years back that would allow someone to access your contacts even though the phone was locked with a passcode? Well it appears someone has figured out another way to exploit a serious flaw in iOS 6.1 that would enable them to have access to your phone module – where they can then view/edit contacts and make calls. As per Gizmodo:

First you have to pretend to turn the phone off, then make an aborted emergency call, then a quick bit of off button and cancel pressing. That boots you into the full phone app where you can pretty much call or message anyone you like.

Until Apple patches this in a future update, your safest best is to keep your iPhone close by 24/7. Check out the video on how the hack is done after the break.

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1st Self-Perpetuating iPhone Worm – a Jailbreak coming of Astley story


Thanks to the insecurity of a majority of the Jailbreaked community, Rick Astley is Rick Rolling Australian iPhones. The worm, dubbed Ikee does more than photocopy a goeey mug of the smooth and sexy singer; it safaris itself around local networks, looking for other infectable iPhones to plaster. Fortunately, the backdoor which Astley steals in from is most likely user error: Apple’s root password ‘alpine’ (which is needed to SSH into the device), is the same on every iDevice. Jailbreaked users can change it to anything which, like Rick, may tickle their fancy, but the onus is on the user, not Apple. Security firm, Sophos, are blogging about it right now, riding high on raging (and humorous) whuffie spawned by clever forum users.

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Safari 4 – New, Fast, Friendly and Fastened

news-safari-4Despite the lamentable changes in the laptop line, WWDC brought excitement to the scene with great announcements about Snow Leopard, iPhone OS 3.0 and a the new, faster iPhone 3GS. In all the rush of news and disappointments, it would be easy to forget that Safari 4, Apple’s latest version of their svelte web browser emerged from beta to greet eager downloaders last evening.

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