10 New App Store Games To Watch [Sep. 26 – Oct. 2]

If you’re an FPS fan, or you’re curious to see what your little mobile device can do, then the week’s top pick is certainly Shadowgun.  The initial release was a bit rocky, but now that the first update has been released, the game packs quite a punch – and it’s even fairly friendly for those that have never played an FPS.  On a completely different front there’s Phonect, which is actually an engine rather than a game.  It allows your iDevice to detect your hand movements and translate them to in-game actions, and while the initial game using this technology looks kind of ho-hum, the potential gaming possibilities this opens up are what excites me. Continue reading…

iPad still behind the Apple curtain – secrecy’s the name of the game

Apple keep a tight ship: ain’t too many iPads leakin’ out to the public despite a flood of rumours, speculation, and sneaky. Why? Why, the Apple curtain of course! Without getting political or toeing dangerous territory, I’ll just whisper this truth: Apple cover their tracks. Sure, they have leaks, but considering the stress of hype and naughty journalists, they do a very good job of corking it. According to Reuters, even Apple Store employees have yet to see an iPad in the wilds of their inventory:

“We haven’t seen it; we never do” before a product is launched, said one employee, who asked not to be identified because workers are barred from speaking with the media. “Every store employee I know, including the managers, they haven’t seen it.”

[via AppleInsier via Reuters]

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Misplaced iPhone 4G prototype results in death at Foxconn


Apple have always marched to the beat of a different drum, the think different drum. While this results in unique and oftentimes, revolutionary products, there are times when their dread of conformity is sinister. The particular angle that I am throwing is their insistence on absolute secrecy, a secrecy that can largely be to blame for the death of a 25 year-old Foxconn employee, Sun Danyong.

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