What Podcast do you listen to? How ’bout App Slappy?


I’m quite selective about what podcasts I download because my HD space is presciously and meticulously split between photos/music/other stuff. So, aside from the excellent pro bicycle podcast, Cyclocosm, I’ll admit to listening to little besides App Slappy, a cleverly professional iDevice ‘cast hosted by two talented geeks. Scott Johnson and Eric Van Skyhawk’s interactions are immediately recognisable to listeners of American rock and mix morning shows, but rather than joking about sex (actually, they do that), and celebrities (not so much), the two get on with iDevice apps, news, and rumours, and when they can, they stir the pot about things such as the ‘Droid. App Slappy has also been nominated for a well-deserved podcast award.

AppSlappy is hosted Scott’s radio page @ My Extra Life – AppSplappy

Scott Johnson – Frogpants Studios, AppSlappy, FREE English language Podcast
Scott Johnson - Frogpants Studios - AppSlappy - AppSlappy