19 July – the day when the Icecream was free


1984 was a big year for the world, a BIG year. Steve Jobs’ pet project, the Macintosh was launched despite all that Big Brother could do; Great Britain agreed to return Hong Kong to China; the AIDS virus was isolated by French scientists; and Ronald Reagan, President of the United States, declared July National Ice Cream Month – a holiday that I am happily celebrating half the world away. As part of Ice Cream Month, the third Sunday of this balmy month is a special day marked by near religious observances of one of America’s favourite foods. Nutritious according to the International Dairy Foods Association, ice cream as a food, props up nearly 9% of the American Dairy industry.

Well, Nimblebit, creator of the wildly popular Scoops for the iPhone is joining in festivities, honouring 19 July with an extra scoop. Yes, the very same 3rd Sunday of the month, Scoops will be 3$ shy of its normal price (that means FREE!) and in its own digital way, celebrate the sweet and sloppy food. Be sure to grab it on the 19th as this sale won’t come again!

Nimblebit, Scoops, 2.99$, 3.4 MB
Scoops - Ice Cream Fun For Everyone

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