Samsung App Store for TVs and Blu-ray – Something smart from Samsung?

After living in South Korea for nigh on 8 months, I have come to expect the littlest of innovation and highest of domestic prices from the company whose GDP is larger than Venezuela’s. Despite outing a silly “me too” mobile phone app store, Samsung may have found something in this newer software venture. Starting with their 55-inch 9000 LED models, all 40-inch and larger TVs will be able to download apps. Then, it will move to their Blu-ray players, and ‘more’.

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Samsung to open “Me Too” app store on 14 September


The world’s largest electronics company who owns more hotels, newspapers, car companies and almost as many mobile phones as any other technology company, will open an app store to compete in the dime-a-dozen ‘me too’ online software delivery methods for mobile phones. Apple have had a good yearlong head start, but Samsung have models, celebrities and the biggest newspapers in the land at their bidding.

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