ThinkGeek’s Mega Deals Sale – save up to 75% on cool gadgets and gizmos

ThinkGeek, the online store that sells “Stuff for Smart Masses”, is currently running their biggest sale of the year with the Mega Deals promo. Over 500 items are on clearance, with prices slashed up to 75% off. The most notable deal is the iCADE Mobile Gaming System for iPhone, a bluetooth gaming controller that supports 100+ iOS apps – now just $16.99 (down from $69.99). If you’re a gizmo addict and want to save a nice chunk on some cool (iDevice) gadgets, head over to the Mega Deals page to start browsing through the catalog. I’ve also included a rounded up of some of the better iPhone related items below.

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iStack Mac Bundle: Grab Parallels 7 and more great Mac apps for only $49

Stacksocial has served up another awesome bundle for Mac users and this one involves Parallels 7, arguably the best virtualization application for OS X – a tool that lets you run Windows from within your desktop environment, without the need to reboot. With the Parallels Mobile app for iOS, you have access to all your Mac and Windows apps/programs on your iDevice. Called the iStack Mac Bundle, it features 10 useful Mac apps for only $49 (95% off full value). Some of the other apps found in the bundle include SnagIt, Hands Off!, Clarify and Disk Drill Pro. For aspiring iOS developers out there, it also includes an iOS App development video course from Udemy (10 hours of video and 180 step-by-step tutorials). And oh yes, for those of you who’ve been eyeing the latest Macbook Pro, don’t miss out on this sweet Retina MacBook Pro Giveaway!

The bundle ends in 15 days, on July 25th. A break down of all apps included after the break.

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Walmart selling $50 iTunes card for $40

Walmart is currently selling $50 iTunes eGift cards for only $40. That’s a $10 bonus for you to buy heavily discounted ($0.99) games from EA Mobile, Gameloft and Big Fish. The great thing about this deal is that rather than shipping an actual card to your mailing address, they’re delivered electronically right into your email inbox (I got mine in about 30 minutes after receiving the initial confirmation email). Simply copy and paste the redeem code into iTunes and you’re good to go. Quantities are limited, so don’t procrastinate if you’re planning on picking up a few more apps over the Christmas holidays.

Thanks E!

Black Friday Online Sales Roundup

Apple’s One-day shopping event is finally here. Discounts are dead on from the leak revealed several days ago, with the MacBook and iMac lines being discounted by $101. iPad 2s now start at $458 (16GB wifi model), while the 64GB model has dropped by $61. Accessories are also on sale – the Apple Wireless keyboard, Trackpad and Magic mouse are discounted by $11 each. We’ve also included links below to other online Black Friday deals, including Amazon and Griffin. And if you missed it earlier, don’t forget to check out our Black Friday App Sales and Freebies Roundups. Happy Shopping!

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Massive Thanksgiving and Black Friday Sales Roundup

Our massive Thanksgiving and Black Friday Sales Roundup is finally ready. All the biggest and most notable price drops, including those mentioned in previous days, are here. EA Mobile, as expected, is offering a good number of their iPhone and iPad games for $0.99. Dead Space, C&C RED ALERT for iPad and The Sims 3 are but a few you can pick up for a dollar over the next several days. Meanwhile, Dark Meadow, the critically acclaimed first person adventure, has dropped from $5.99 to $0.99. And if you’re in the market for GPS apps, the CoPilot Live and NAVIGON series are both discounted by as much as $20. Check out the entire roundup after the gap!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Update: ** Denotes apps newly added to roundup.

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Google Nexus One – sales figures de-nexing?

Hardly does a man like me scoff at the competition, especially when that competition is the “don’t be evil” Google. And, hardly does a man like me scoff at the floundering of smartphone – I root for the sub-genre with passion not seen outside Hollywood. But after a month of sales under its belt, the Google Nexus One isn’t looking that good. The times are bad, I know. And Android has been pumped in the arm by a lot of great phones – this too I know. But its sales figures are dire next to the iPhone heady debut and the more recent outing of Motorola’s Droid. For those who pray, pray for the success of at least one Apple competitor, but don’t pray too hard – I am a man who likes Apple and would rather not start chasing everything else.

[via Gizmodo Japan]

App Store deals – The Second Annual New Year’s App Blowout!

In the month of December, iDevice gamers received a daily freebie(s) thanks to the awesome Appvent Calendar event. Now with New Years Eve just around the corner, the second annual New Year’s App Blowout brings various developers together once again for more great App Store deals. While you won’t be seeing a bundle of free games to be had, there are some very solid titles at up to 60% off. Perhaps an app or two on your radar is even on this list. The sales will last only until the 1st of January, so be sure to check out which of the blowout apps tickle your fancy. Happy New Year!

Twilight Golf Howling Moon Software, Twilight Golf – $1.99 (was 2.99)
Crayon Ball Howling Moon Software, Crayon Ball – $1.99 (was 2.99)
Eyegore's Eye Blast, Eyegore’s Eye Blast – $0.99 (was 1.99)
Pinch n Pop! Chaotic Box, Pinch n Pop! – $0.99 (was 1.99)
Pollywog Chaotic Box, Pollywog – $0.99 (was 1.99)
Smiles Zen Sykhronics Entertainment, Smiles Zen – $0.99 (was 1.99)
Smiles Sykhronics Entertainment, Smiles – $1.99 (was 2.99)
Train Conductor The Voxel Agents, Train Conductor – $1.99 (was 3.99)
iTweetReply - Push Twitter Replies, Direct Messages and Timelines Syncode, iTweetReply– $0.99 (was 1.99)
CatTaTa TechnicArtist, CatTaTa – $0.99 (was 1.99)
RocketFuse RocketHands, RocketFuse – $0.99 (was 1.99)
Rail Adventures exosyphen studios, Rail Adventures – $0.99 (was 1.99)
SpaceDuel! Jiayi Chong, SpaceDuel! – $0.99 (was 1.99)
Screw The Dealer Pro We Are Colin, Screw The Dealer Pro – $0.99 (was 1.99)
CashMachine Deluxe GreenMines Games, CashMachine Deluxe – $0.99 (was 1.99)
iHurt Mad Monkey Militia, iHurt – $0.99 (was 1.99)
DragonEye Mad Monkey Militia, DragonEye – Free (was 1.99)
Outnumbered - 3D Multiplayer Survival Veiled Games, Outnumbered – 3D Multiplayer Survival – Free (was 1.99)
iType2Go Pro XCool Apps, iType2Go Pro – $0.99 (was 1.99)
Tap-Fu Neptune Interactive Inc., Tap-Fu – $0.99 (was 1.99)
Ringo Ymir Mobile ehf, Ringo – $0.99 (was 1.99)
Hi, How Are You DrFunFun & Smashing Studio, Hi, How Are You – $0.99 (was 1.99)
Rogueship Travis Dunn, Rogueship – $1.99 (was 2.99)
3D Wizard Wand PosiMotion, 3D Wizard Wand – $0.99 (was 1.99)
Sword of Fargoal Fargoal, LLC, Sword of Fargoal – $2.99 (was 4.99)
MatchTunes Izatt International, MatchTunes – $0.99 (was 1.99)
AquaWars Swift Fox Software, AquaWars – Free (was 0.99)
Trace It Rancid Squirrel Ltd., Trace It – $0.99 (was 1.99)
Volcano Planet Jelly Biscuits, Volcano Planet – Free (was 0.99)
Battle for Wesnoth Kyle Poole, Battle for Wesnoth – $1.99 (was 4.99)

Daily Christmas steals and deals


With Thanksgiving (and the black friday deals) behind us and Christmas only 3 weeks away, gamers on the look out for more sales/deals should keep an eye out for the Appvent Calendar and  EA’s ’25 Games Til X’MAS events. Blacksmith Games, the dev team behind the upcoming Plushed, are responsible for the Appvent Calendar, where an iDevice game will be free for 24hrs worldwide up until Dec 22nd. Today’s freebie is Hexage’s puzzler, Totemo. If you enjoy surprises (and free games), be sure to bookmark their calendar page.

Meanwhile, EA have also launched a daily event that will see an App Store game of theirs go on sale (up to 80% off) everyday until Dec 22nd. Today, both Auditorium and Surviving High School can be had for $0.99. To find out the latest deals of the day, you can follow EA on Twitter and/or Facebook for their X’MAS annoucements.

Hopefully, other publishers will also jump on the wagon and give us all something more to cheer about (daily) before the Christmas rush.

EA and Gameloft games on sale for ‘Black Friday’

review-games-thesims3-realenemiessleeptogetherWith Thanksgiving quickly approaching, shoppers are gearing up for some serious bargains across the US. At the App Store, two of the biggest iDevice game publishers in EA and Gameloft are leading the charge with some awesome app sales. From Electronic Arts’ end, you will find Command & Conquer, FIFA 10, Monopoly and much more at reduced prices. Gameloft’s $0.99 sales include Shrek Kart, Blades of Fury and Real Tennis 2009. If you’ve been eying a few of their titles, strike while the iron’s hot! The complete list can be found after the break.

We’ll be doing a MASSIVE round up of Black Friday sales tomorrow, so be sure to check back right here at TMA!

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Down She Goes! Apple’s Mac and iPod Line Losing Ground for 2nd Straight Quarter


While not the news we hope and pray for, we can still pray. Pray that things set themselves aright (aside from sliding prices). Apple have been losing selling power now for the 2nd straight quarter. Mac shipments for the month of April have slipped 1.8 percent and quarterly sales by 3, a number that proves that even Apple are susceptible to recession.

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