Change the way you browse the web on the iPhone with Portal – Full Screen Browser

Every once in a while, I’ll come across an app in my TMA inbox that stands out from the crowd – either by way of features or uniqueness. One example was GestureMatic, an app that allows you to perform various functions via user-created gestures. And most recently, I came across a 3rd party Web Browser app that’s unlike anything we’ve experienced before on the iDevice — Portal. Using a unique “Portal” button at the bottom of the screen, you tap on it to bring up a 1st gen like iPod click wheel interface, where you can then perform all the actions you’re used to on Mobile Safari…and a whole lot more.

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iPad iOS 3.2.1 scores 127/300 on HTML5 Test

While by no means exhaustive, the HTML5Test by Niels Leenheer, does a good job of showing off how well a browser tackles the web standard, HTML5. As you can see, the iPad has a ways to go, but among mobile devices, it – along with the entire iDevice family – is still on top, losing only marginally to the desktop version of Firefox. In many ways, this test mirrors the results of the Acid3 test, proving that Apple play better by web standards than their rivals. I could not test iOS 4’s Safari on my iPod touch because of a God-awful Wifi router, but I assume it to be equally as OKAY. Here are the results compared to various browsers run under OSX 10.6.4 with all the latest trimmings on a 2007 MacBook Pro.

Web Broswer: HTML5Test Score:
iPad Safari (iOS 3.2.1) 127
OSX Safari 5.01 208
OSX Chrome 5.0.375.125 197
OSX Firefox 3.6.8 139
OSX Opera 10.6.0 159

At Jeffrey Zeldman’s blog, controversy is starting over the inclusion of certain features in the test.

Untethered jailbreak for iPhone 4, 3G, 3GS, iPad and ALL iPod touch models

The prolific Dev Team, or more specifically, Comex, have done it again, releasing the sequel to one of the oldest Jailbreaks for the iDevice. Veteran jailbreakers will remember an early iPhone OS 1.1.1 Safari exploit that allowed users to jailbreak their devices with the minimal toolbox of Mobile Safari and a Wifi connection. About two and a half years have passed since the days of iPhone OS 1.1.1 and predictably, history has repeated itself. Here’s to 2010 and the return of the untethered jailbreak! Of course, this news comes on the cusp of a new ruling in the USA that legalises jailbreaking.

I will post a detailed walkthrough of the new jailbreak very soon, but for those who don’t want to wait, make sure to backup your iDevice and then head over to to experience a new iDevice! Veteran jailbreakers, this really is a momentous occasion!

You can also check after the gap for a detailed listing of compatible iDevices.

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Fail: Opera Mini Web browser and Acid3 benchmark

Acid3 is a suite of tests which benchmarks a browser’s performance in standards compliance and page rendering. Desktop versions of Opera fair pretty well, but Opera Mini Web browser falls (alot) somewhat lower than that. iPhone Safari scores 100/100, but fails the last portion, an image render. Opera Mini Web browser makes do with a score of 74/100 AND fails the last image. At least it betters Internet explorer and Sony PSP’s Netfront browsers which added all together, barely crack 50/100!

Opera Mini Web browser Opera Software ASA, Opera Mini Web browser, FREE!

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Opera Mini faster than Mobile Safari, submitted to Apple for Approval

Opera baby!

Opera have announced earlier today that their popular mobile browser, Opera Mini, has been submitted to Apple’s App Store for approval. Already used in over 50 million mobile phones around the world, Opera are hoping that their speedy and reliable browser will find a home on your iDevice. It appears that Opera Mini is significantly faster than Mobile Safari, which can only help save you time and money (less data usage). From Opera’s press release:

Early reviews of Opera Mini for iPhone praised the sheer browsing speed, powering through Web pages up to six times faster than Safari. Due to server-side rendering, Opera Mini compresses data by up to 90 percent before sending it to the phone, resulting in rapid page loading and more Web per MB for the end user. Those familiar with iPhone roaming charges will relish Opera Mini’s ability to deliver more for less, giving users the Web they want quickly, without, the high costs.

Whether it actually gets the thumbs up from Apple is entirely another matter. We’ve seen Apple rejecting apps on the basis that they duplicate the core functionality of the iPhone. That said though, there are already plenty of 3rd party browsers available at the App Store. It’ll certainly be interesting to see what Apple elect to do. Hopefully, we’ll all be able to test drive this sweet browser in the coming days. An excellent speed comparison video between Opera and Safari on the iPhone after the break.

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