ALO Rx and Cryo Line Out Dock arrive


ALO’s new design isn’t just a beautiful face, it has several exciting improvements under the bonnet. One of course, is that it sports dual lithium batteries in a dual-charging circuit, meaning lots of power, and if I am hearing what I think I am hearing, sustained bass output. For inner earphone users, the Rx sports the world’s first production-level dual-stepped attenuating circuit, meaning that even at low volume levels, the signal remains perfectly balanced. ALO’s new amp is charging now, but preliminary listens have revealed that this amp’s crisp midrange and bass is a hell of a good pair for electronic music. Look for our review in mid-late November.

ALO’s now infamous Cryo Dock, too, will get a goodly write up along with the offerings from another unique company: Twisted Cables which is the brainchild of Headfier Qusp and for Australians, a matter of national pride!

To get your hands on one, visit ALO’s Rx webpage.

TMA have been following the production of this amp from its ‘top secret’ days until it was publicly introduced at the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival.

If you have been waiting for our review, look no further: ALO Rx Headphone amp in Review: Double the battery, double the fun.

Audio Line Out’s Rx Amplifier available now


A couple of months ago, TMA had the unique opportunity to post early specs and spy shots of Audio Line Out’s new amplifier, the ALO Rx. Well, the amp is out now, and available for purchase at 345$. As illustrated in the photos below, it is a slim thing of beauty. But, adding to the fire are some preliminary reports that this amp does indeed sound good. It comes in a variety of colours and sports sophisticated circuitry, some of which hasn’t been seen before in a production headphone amp. TMA’s review of the ALO is done.

More pictures and specs after the gap.

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ALO’s Prescription for good sound: the Rx for portable music


Ken of ALO audio dropped a mouth-watering hint about his new project: it won’t just be an amp. According to him, the project incorporates several products, one of which will be a DAC (digital to analogue converter), another a portable headphone amp, and something which remains a secret. That’s fine, it can stay that way – for now. The name, Rx, reminds me much of a prescription; perhaps the subliminal message is that this is just what the doctor ordered – we will see.

TouchMyApps will soon embark on an amp review section which will detail sound, looks, build quality, battery life, features, noise level, audio performance, etc.. Whenever the gods deem, ALO’s Rx series will hit these shores to compete with its peers from around the world. UPDATE: TMA has a shiny Rx in office ready to face down a few staunch competitors.

UPDATE: TMA’s review of the ALO Rx.

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