iPhone OS 4.0 to include iChat?

Rumour have, rumour will – whatever. It seems that evidence for Apple’s own binary chat app, iChat, to have some level of support in OS 4.0 is mounting. Apple never ever reveal everything about upcoming software or hardware so the possibility that iChat functionality is among the 100 new features of the new OS is high.

The iPhone 4G may have a front facing camera and even a hi-res screen. In other words, worried spouses over at Apple are hoping beyond hope to find out where their husbands/wives spend those late evening ‘overtime hours’.

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MacBook and MacBook Pro refresh spec leak?

While Apple may have difficulty grabbing hardware suppliers for new MacBooks because nVidia and Intel are at it, news from Taiwan graced the Chinese-speaking tech world today.

Of note, the new MacBook Pro line should see the following updates:

  • 640GB harddisks or 248GB SS drives
  • 8 hour batteries

Apple routinely update their MacBook line every year at least once, but with supplies running thin and problems between both major chipset vendors, Apple are wedged in between a rock and a rough place. Thanks to AppleInsider for the tip.

TouchMyApps routinely follows MacBook goings-on, but it ain’t always good news:

iBooks store to be pre-loaded with 30 000 free books – shysters outlook looks bleak

AppAdvice has some good news for literate iPad fans: Project Gutenburg with its 30 000 free titles will be pre-loaded onto the App Store’s iBooks app for iPad. There are compelling reasons for this. Firstly, free books shouldn’t be made profit of as they have been at the App Store and sold at 99 cents per. The public domain has no place with profit and for many reasons wouldn’t exist if at the beck-and-call of swindlers.

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iTunes Connect Developer Guide updated – iPhone OS 4.0 release imminent?

Most developers are probably already aware of this, but this morning Apple updated the iTunes Connect Developer Guide – the handbook for using iTunes Connect. Among other miscellaneous fixes it includes:

  • Enhanced instructions on creating Demo Accounts;
  • An explanation of the “New Territories as Added” checkbox;
  • Revised app description character count recommendation based on the new design of App Product pages on the App Store;
  • Additional information on export compliance.

More juice after the gap:

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McGraw-Hill all over iTablet, iSlate, iPad… whatever

NBC and McGraw have officially entered the fray: yesterday, the two met on the tube (no, not that one) to discuss nothing less than Apple’s new mobile platform. Rumouring has been stuffy in the last half decade surrounding what very well may debut today, and Terry McGraw, president of McGraw-Hill, elucidated the growing speculation that the iWhatever will run on iPhone OS and have ties with book publishers. 95% of McGraw-Hill’s content is available in some sort of eBook format. The platform should expand to include professional and higher educational materials and we can only speculate on subscription services.

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iPhone OS 4.0 spilled in iPhone Dev Programme

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Engadget has happened on a wonderful something somethin’. Evidently in a rush to prepare for today’s Apple Event, Apple have spilled the cat soup on the next version of the iPhone’s OS. The note which is viewable at Apple’s Developer agreement reads, “Need to update this for the 27th launch”. Well, that is cute – either devs will get a hint of the next Apple candy, or Apple have pulled another smear the leak campaign. Whatever it is, all will be revealed in a few short hours as Apple’s 27 January event is launched. The sad part of course is that both Apple and faithful rumourists will have to face reality as the new software or hardware either: lives up to expectations, or is trounced by them.

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Come see our latest creation… iTablet, iSlate? iPhone 4G?

The amount of rumours, having circulated around the iTablet in general and the possible upcoming event at the end of January in particular has probably been second to none. Some of bloggers out there have taken a tally and counted up to 70 news pieces on the Saturday following Christmas alone. And all of this without any confirmations from the big A themselves.

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iSlate Apple event 27 January – Come see our latest creation

When I gets excited, I drop me grammar. Apple ain’t only gonna put up a new event, they is definitely debuting something. I reckon the ‘come see our latest creation’ ain’t just a new MacBook – though with my bloody breaking MBP, that would be nice – it will prolly be something ever more sexy. Think iSlate. Ain’t nothing confirmed yet, but the web’s knickers are all bunched up about the same thing: Apple’s iSlate tablet computer.

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