iOS 4.2 for iPad and iPhone Delayed Due to Wifi Issues?

The Web is abuzz with speculation that the anticipated Friday release of the much awaited update announced by Apple some months back has been delayed by at least a week due to Wifi connectivity issues experienced by testers of the Gold Master 4.2 build (supposedly the final version before the official release).

The equally controversial recent Mac OS X 10.6.5 software update also set the Web on fire amid rumors that the much-awaited AirPrint functionality was pulled out at the last minute. The update was indeed released without AirPrint functionality.

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Apple’s Sept 1 event to be streamed via Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming technology

Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming technology isn’t the open standard Apple reckon it is, at least not yet. It is pretty cool though, allowing direct video streaming from HTTP that passes over and under firewalls to bring Quicktime X and iPhone video to you, the rumour-hungry end user. Apple’s Sept 1 event rides on sharp expectations this year. Rumours that the iPod nano will shrink, that the iPod touch will sport FaceTime cameras, and that the TV will be updated, are on the line.

Apple’s event will be held at 10:00AM PDT and available from You can catch the entire Sept 1 Event press release here.

New iPod touch 4G and iPod nano 6G details: unibody MacBook Pro-like aluminium back

There is one in my house, a beautiful 13 slab of aluminium and glass that flexes even less than MIT’s champion chess team. Well, that perfect sexiness might make it to Apple’s 4th generation iPod touch. Currently, the iPod touch uses a rounded shiny (and easily scratched) steel back. Apple’s 2010 iPod event is only days away and we expect rumours of the new back, dual cameras, FaceTime, and zippy new iPhone 4 internals to be corroborated.

iLounge shed some light on the new iPod touch:

…Familiar. Think of the top of a MacBook Pro, only smaller, which is to say flat rather than curved at the center—closer to the look of the first-generation iPod touch’s back, only with modifications. The rear camera is there, but there is still some question as to whether what’s next to it will be a LED flash like the one in the iPhone 4, or a microphone like the one next to the video camera of the iPod nano. We’ve been told to expect a microphone rather than a flash, with a continuation of the bottom-mounted headphone port and Dock Connector port.

iLounge also mention the above cases: one for the upcoming iPod nano refresh and for the new iPod touch. The new nano may sport a darling 3cm*3cm screen and shave over half its size. Something in me wonders if the shuffle will be retired.

iPods, iPad and iPhone Due For an Early Revamp?

Apple's image

It’s clear that 2010 is a busy, busy year for Apple. A heady combination of new and old, Apple unveiled the highly-anticipated iPad, released the sexy (and controversial) iPhone 4, and  a bigger, meaner iMac together with the Apple Magic Trackpad.

Rumors abound from a number of reliable sources that the iPod line will see a major product refresh – a tiny touchscreen shuffle, the iPod Touch will finally get a camera and the fabled retina display on the iPhone 4, and – gasp! – a tinier, 7-inch iPad in the works? Another rumor that might ignite a fresh wave of controversy is the rumored iPhone refresh amidst the antenna issues hounding iPhone 4.

A more recent rumor is the introduction of a cheaper  TV device renamed the Apple iTv said to cost only $99 with a 99 cent tv show rental deal in the works.

With the scheduled September 1 event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, these speculations will soon be put to rest. Major announcements for the iPad and iPhone however, might come a bit later in the year or early 2011.

Camera and curves – is this the 4th gen iPod touch?

Everyone knows that Apple releases iPod hardware in the Fall. This year, like last year will see new iPod touch, nano and maybe Classic models. New hardware isn’t news at all. Still, when purported leaks fire up the interweb, the rumours-mills churn. We are churning. HardMac came across the above picture of the purported new iPod touch from an accessory maker. As you can see, it sports the often-rumoured rear-mounted camera. It’s also lost its black birthmark. Unlike the iPhone 4, however, the ‘leaked’ iPod touch looks to retain its curves.

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iPhone 4G – the future is black and white

Unless Apple suddenly throws nano colours into the mix, we may be in for another two-toned iPhone. Right, so the current 3GS is sleek in black, and sexy in white, but some of us thing it’s about time for Apple to add some choice into the mix. The new iPhone 4G prototype has popped up with a white front plate. Real or not, doesn’t much matter in lieu of the fact that the iPhone 4G will be unveiled just a fistful of days.

Thanks ApplePro

Camera-touting iPod touch leaked

Someone’s got to fix the roof here cuz we gettin a bit leaky. This time not a stolen iPhone 4G, at least. Still, the iPod touch camera rumour is getting old, and was bound to snap up. This time, Vietnamese rumour-grinder Tinhte are back at it with some nice hi-res shots of the now-aging design. The deadly eye is powered by a 2.0 megapixel camera and somewhat easier framing than the iPhone’s corner-dwelling cam. A camera would solve some App Store fragmentation problems, sure, but Gee Apple, why the same ol’ iPod touch 2G design? Part of me wants this to be rumour, but the smarter part reckons this is Apple’s next iPod touch.

More pics and hands-on video after the gap:

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Paying with the iPhone – you won’t even need to carry your wallet!

One bit of technology that has been all the craze lately is Near Field Communication – NFC. The casual user mostly likely has come in contact with it in the form of contactless keycards, bonus cards and even some credit cards (think Visa PayWave). A logical extension of that is integrating such technology into a device most of the people have with 99% of the time when they go out – the mobile phone.

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Another lost iPhone 4G?

Following the recent much hyped about scandal around the supposedly lost iPhone 4G prototype by Gizmodo reports have just come in that another one has surfaced, this time in Vietnam on a local Apple fan-boy forum They have put up quite a significant photo gallery of the supposed iPhone 4G. Long story short, it looks almost exactly like the one stolen found at the bar in the US. But this time it actually works!

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