Is this the iPhone 5 fully assembled?

Japanese repair site have posted a handful of images of what apparently is a fully assembled iPhone 5. They’re among the most in-depth look yet of the next gen iPhone that have been circulating around the web over the past several weeks. Very similar to a previous leak of shots taken, these latest ones also show a two-toned design, a repositioned facetime camera (now sitting centered above earpiece) and earphone jack (bottom left of device), the long rumoured smaller dock connector and of course, the slightly larger (4 inch) screen. And as first reported by iLounge, iLab’s photos suggest a visibly slimmer body, which could directly be attributed to Apple supposedly using the all new in-cell technology for its display. More up close and personal images of the iPhone 5 after the gap.

Update: Macotakara have posted a video (below) of a very similar looking iPhone 5.

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WSJ: iPhone 5 to feature in-cell screen technology, allowing for thinner and improved display

One of the things we hear most about when it comes to the iPhone 5 is that it will sport a bigger 4″ Retina Display. The Wall Street Journal reported back in May that Apple had already begun to place orders for screens that are “at least” 4 inches diagonally for the next generation iPhone. And now the publication is reporting (along with a tweet) that the new 2012 iPhone will feature an all new touchscreen technology that will allow for the display to be even thinner. This is in line with a previous rumour that speculated the iPhone 5 will be 20% slimmer than the iPhone 4S (9.3mm vs 7.4mm).

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Rumour: iPad Mini to feature IGZO display and $250 price tag

The possible release of the iPad mini is one of those rumours that just won’t go away. The latest such rumblings come from Chinese tech site MyDrivers, where ‘anonymous sources’ claim that the 7.85 inch iPad mini will feature Sharp’s IGZO display and retail for under $300. As Wired points out, IGZO is a new and improved manufacturing process that makes displays “thinner, higher in contrast, and less power-hungry than current display technology”. It is worth noting that this technology was rumoured to replace the IPS screens on the new iPad, but this turned out to be false. The report also says that the smaller iPad will be as thin as the iPad 2, have a resolution of 330 pixels per inch and 8GB capacity, which will go for between $250-299. There is no mention of release dates, though a previous report from net portal NetEase claimed that the iPad mini will be launched in the 3rd quarter of 2012. With the recent release of the Google Nexus 7 (among a bevy of other 7″ android tablets), it’s not surprising that Apple reportedly have plans to introduce a more cost effective and portable iPad.


iPhone 5 specs: Analyst claims new iPhone to feature 4.08″, 16:9 screen

KGI analyst Mingchi Kuo, who AppleInsider say is known for having “sources deep within Apple’s chain”, is fully expecting that the iPhone 5 will move from its traditional 3.5″ 4:3 display to a 4″ 16:9 screen. More specifically, Kuo claims that Apple will be featuring a 4.08″ in-cell IPS panel screen with a resolution of 640 x 1136 and 500-nit brightness in its next generation iPhone. Previously, WJS had reported that the new iPhone’s screen will be “at least” 4 inches diagonally, and 9to5mac revealed that Apple had been testing out a taller display with 640 x 1136 pixels.

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Siri coming to the iPad via iOS 6?

Mockup of Siri on iPad

If you’ve been clamouring to converse with Siri on the iPad, perhaps that day will come sooner than you’d expected. According to 9to5mac’s trusted sources, Apple will indeed be integrating the digital assistant into iOS 6, where it’ll not longer be exclusive on just the iPhone 4S, but include support for the iPad as well. As seen from the mockup above, Siri on the iPad is said to not be a “full screen experience”, where the interface will slide up from below with a quick hold of the home button (perhaps similar to the notifications window that drops down from above on the iPad). The Siri window is said to have rounded corners, the same look and feel as that of the iPhone 4S and will also work from the lock screen.

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New images of (alleged) iPhone 5 with metal back, smaller dock connector and centered FaceTime camera

After seeing numerous mockups of what the iPhone 5 might look like, 9to5mac has today posted some high quality images of what supposedly will be the next generation iPhone. Shown in both black and white, the back panel is said to be made from metal, which is in line with a report previously posted by iLounge. Other noticeable changes include the earphone jack being moved to the bottom left corner of the device, a redesigned speaker grill, a new and much smaller dock connector, and a new opening between the camera lens and LED flash.

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Apple said to be testing iPhone 5 with 3.95″ 640 x 1136 display

According to 9to5mac, Apple is currently testing two prototype iPhone 5 models and both have displays that measure 3.95″ diagonally, with a resolution of 640 x 1136 thanks to the extra 176 pixels that have been packed in. As for the width, the screen will remain 1.94″ wide, and increase in height to 3.45 inches.

Right now we know of a few next-generation iPhone candidates in testing. These prototype phones are floating around Apple HQ in thick, locked shells in order to disguise the exterior design to “undisclosed” employees. We know of two next-generation iPhones in testing with a larger display: the iPhone 5,1 and iPhone 5,2.

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Report: Apple has placed orders for 4″ screens for new iPhone


According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple has already begun to place orders for the iPhone 5’s screen and they’re said to measure “at least” 4 inches diagonally, with production for the screens set for next month. In a separate report from Reuters that provides similar info, Apple indeed plans to use a larger screen for the next iPhone (“4 inches from corner to corner”) and has placed orders for the next display from LG, Sharp and Japan Display Inc. Reuters was more specific with manufacturing dates, with production for the screens to start as early as June, which would allow the iPhone to go into full production by August. Neither report though has given any indication if the iPhone’s current 2:3 aspect ratio (vertical) or width will be changed, though iLounge’s recent rumour pointed to an elongated 4″ screen that keeps the same dimensions widthwise of an iPhone 4/4S. If the above production dates are true, there’s a good chance we can expect the iPhone 5 to be released sometime in October, a full year after the iPhone 4S first hit the market. And by the looks of it, it appears more and more likely that the iPhone will finally ditch its 3.5″ screen for a larger one.

[Apple Insider]

High quality mockups of rumoured 4″ iPhone 5

If you’ll recall, iLounge reported earlier this month that the iPhone 5 will have a 4 inch screen (while keeping its width), a metal back and be 20% slimmer than the iPhone 4/4S. With these specs in mind, Macrumors commissioned Ciccarese Design to create some high quality mockups of what the new iPhone could potentially look like. The results are quite stunning and certainly appear more plausible than the recent Liquidmetal Concept images. What’s interesting about the taller 4″ screen is that it could very well allow Apple to include an extra row of apps on the springboard, bringing it to a total of 6 rows if you include the bottom dock. And according to iMore’s sources, Apple hasn’t decided yet on the final design for the iPhone 5, so it’s possible that the final product will have completely different dimensions. Check out the rest of the gallery after the gap.

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iPhone 5 to have 4″ screen, a metal back and all new dock connector?

If you’ve been following the rumours surrounding the iPhone 5, you probably read that its screen could be anywhere from its current 3.5″ to 4.6 inches. While the latter seems like long shot for various reasons, a 4″ screen does appear to be a more logical choice. iLounge first reported this very size back in November of 2011, and in new and recent post, the website has provided some detailed dimensions on the next gen iPhone. According to their sources, the iPhone 5 will indeed sport a 4″ screen (while keeping same width as the 4/4S) and be 20% thinner (9.3mm vs 7.4mm) than its predecessor.

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