iPad 3 to have 8 megapixel camera and more tapered design?

Apple Daily, a news publication based out of Taiwan, have posted what they claim are images of the upcoming iPad 3, acquired through “inside sources”. One alleged shot shows the next-gen iPad from a side/rear overview perspective, and another has all three iterations of the iPad side-by-side. From the latter, the iPad 3 appears slightly more tapered around the edges than the iPad 2, and the camera lens is noticeably bigger. Speaking of which, Apple Daily says that the rear camera will be 8 megapixels, up from the 1 megapixel in resolution of the iPad 2. Other specs they claim the iPad 3 to have are the retina display and quad-core A6 chip, as well as a release date of March 7th. These are in line with a previous Bloomberg report that states production had already begun as of mid-January, and a March launch date had been targeted by Apple.

Below is another image posted by Apple Daily, a comparison shot of a component found in the iPad 2 and iPad 3.

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White iPhone 4 available sooner than later?

It seems like the long wait for the much anticipated white iPhone 4 is finally over. Or is it? The online rumor mills certainly believe so. One of them, MacRumors recently reported that the immaculate-colored hardware is not included in the database of consumer electronics retailer, Best Buy. And they even have the screenshots to prove it. The model name and SKU posted on the Best Buy screenshot are also the same ones “cancelled” by Apple last year shortly before the latter went on to announce that the white iPhone is scheduled for a Spring 2011 release.

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iOS 4.2 for iPad and iPhone Delayed Due to Wifi Issues?

The Web is abuzz with speculation that the anticipated Friday release of the much awaited update announced by Apple some months back has been delayed by at least a week due to Wifi connectivity issues experienced by testers of the Gold Master 4.2 build (supposedly the final version before the official release).

The equally controversial recent Mac OS X 10.6.5 software update also set the Web on fire amid rumors that the much-awaited AirPrint functionality was pulled out at the last minute. The update was indeed released without AirPrint functionality.

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iPod touch Camera – caught on camera…


According to Engadget, the elusive 3rd generation iPod touch has been caught on video. The culprit: Flickr user covinoandrich whose iPhone 3GS shot the entire shaky video! Perfectly timed, it is one of the best tease rumour tie-ins I have yet seen, catching Apple’s pre-launch preparations in full stride. What is especially especial about this video is that its source is an American, not a Chinese manufacturer or factory worker.

So, is this tremulous video, an account of the actual next iPod touch? Or, is it just a nice hack job put together to trick audiences? I am for the former, and the latter. The reason(s)? Why a mutilated iPod? If it was real, it would be oh so much more news worthy if the device was in use rather than being tossed about half-dissected. As it is, it looks like the remains of the hacking job. Also, if the unit is a prototype, how in the hell have scratches already appeared on the unit? It took mine a half-year to develop its first signs of ageing. Then again, I keep it in an iPod Sock. On the other hand, it coincides with earlier rumours spread from Chinese case manufacturers which place the camera in the top centre.

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Premium Apps, iPhone OS 3.0 = Introduction of the Tablet?

Thanks Computerworld Blog

Thanks Computerworld Blog

Computerworld blog reckon that the 3.0 sneak peak may have connections with the rumoured premium App Store Apps as well as Apple’s highly anticipated tablet. Why would these premium apps connect with the tablet? Resolution. The tablet is currently rumoured to be a 10-inch touch panel produced by Wintek. Those 10 inches would boast a far higher resolution than the current 480*320 of today’s iPhone and iPod Touch allowing for a break from mere thumb-driven input.

Whether these new premium apps will be games or productivity apps – all is conjecture until actual announcement, however with the new screen real estate, Apple’s device would drive a market for more expensive and higher quality applications. Would Apple skip over the Netbook market entirely for an Apple designed tablet? If they can retain a usable in/out array (complete with firewire) a tablet would be the perfect device for road warriors, pirates, ninjas and barbarians – bring it on Apple.

iPhone shrinkage? 99 dollar iPhone; Hi-res iPhone


Matte Back for the next iPhone?

What never stops in this constantly spinning world of ours?  You would be right if you guessed the Earth – as it always spins, rotates and is doing a crazy somersault around the Milky Way.  Other than the Earth however is another constantly moving and evolving ecosystem:  electronics.  Only 200 years ago, the first computer ‘programmes’ were being written by a famous poet‘s only non-bastard child, Ada Lovelace.  Back then, computers did not even run on electricity and eagre programmers had to actually study or be rich and educated.  Times have changed.  

99$ iPhone – Just Nickels and Dimes this time

Soon possibly, you will be able to pocket the iPhone for a mere 99 bones.  What will be different?  An article by MSNBC claims that a 99$ iPhone will be hitting shelves or presentation booths around June.  That is only 4 months away and while we must be excited, let’s discuss the issues surrounding the launch of a ‘cheap’ iPhone.  

In case you are wondering, the rumoured 99 Dollar iPhone turns out to be none other than the Previous-Generation iPhone 3G 8GB. Check out the WWDC announcement. 

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Flash on the iPhone – Flying Pigs Sighed over London


After Steve Jobs’s 2007 concession that Adobe’s Flash would be too slow on the iPhone and that a lite version wasn’t “capable enough to be used with the Web”, many potential users and even some Apple zealots were left in the cold.  Proper Flash and Java implementations are fundamental building blocks of the internet.  Since the launch of the iPhone, rumours and whispers of Flash and Java have tickled the ears of iPhone fans and users.  However, only recently have rumours from reputable sources trickled in from blogs and newssites – many of these sites rely heavily on Java and/or Flash interfaces.  

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Firmware 2.2 coming November 21st?

Rumors are running rampant of a 2.2 firmware release on November 21 after iPhoneHellas.gr first reported the news. While 2.1 has been its most reliable and stable release thus far, users are still hoping for copy and paste along with other features. Though copy and paste doesn’t seem to be making an appearance this time round, other new features include:

  • New look Safari with Google search bar occupying its own space on title bar
  • Ability to turn off auto-correction on and off (a welcome addition for sure)
  • 461 emojicons for Japanese iPhones
  • New Language support
  • Google Street view and Google trainsit information (another useful feature)
  • Download podcasts wirelessly
  • In the App Store, categories now show icons of applications as opposed to text. ‘Tell A Friend’ & ‘Report A Problem’ are added In each page of an application
  • The Line-in audio is activated and can be used through the headphone jack.

While the release of 2.2 won’t have the same anticipation as 2.1, most users will probably upgrade the minute it is available . Time will tell if November 21 is for real.

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