Next iPhone Rumour Roundup – Excellent Blog post at the Green Room


If you hate reading and believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that pictures with words are worth even more, then this post from the Green Room is for you. With virtually every next iPhone rumour compiled in a nicely rendered map with full legend, this is the wrap-up you have been waiting for. Keep in mind that we will likely have more than enough of the Apple-juice come Monday’s WWDC, but in the meantime, this blog post is a great way to get through the day.

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In-Call MMS Patent Unearthed – iPhone P2P Looks Handy


If you haven’t time to read through the entire 19-page patent, let me outline it for you. A system called, “Methods and systems for mixing media with communications” will tentatively allow users to share different media whilst making telephone calls. Apple would accomplish this by enhancing the phone function in the iPhone with an ‘add media’ button. iPhone users could then share music files, video, images, voicemails, and podcasts with a tap.

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Next Gen iPhone Date and full Rumoured Spec List


TMA’s excitement over Apple’s rumoured new hardware knows no bounds. With the expectation of OS 3.0, Snow Leopard and a possible iPhone hardware announcement at WWDC, there is little to keep our feet on the ground. Last year’s update brought a sleeker design, better headphone support, a cleaner signal, better reception, OS 2.0 and the App Store, longer battery life among other features that have kept the iPhone 3G a beautiful contender in the handset race.

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Background Apps – Apple Say Maybe

Apple (APPL) have been stubborn in regards to adding third-party background app support. Previously citing battery life problems, security concerns and added consumer confusion as reasons to leave support out of iPhone OS firmware, Apple may be changing their stance. Lack of such support flies in the face of Apple’s staunchest of competitors who each have some sort of support for the function. 

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Say Cheese – The Funnest iPod Ever to get Camera


While the iPod touch remains a very capable multipurpose PMP, it lacks a few hardware features that some fans crave. Radio is of course a common Apple dropout along with Bluetooth. However, the PMP digital camera made infamous in the likes of Sony’s Hi-MD players may finally be ready for launch in the iPod Touch and even the Nano. The significance of this rumour is of course not without its irony as while Sony’s next PSP may be more iPod-like, the iPod is sure to be more Sony-like.

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Microsoft’s Touch Killer or Handheld Death Knell – ZuneHD


Courtesy of

Impressive as the iPod Touch is to us fans, it is even more impressive to Apple’s (AAPL) dearest enemies. Microsoft have struggled to market the somewhat lackluster Zune which is otherwise, a great PMP with solid roots. The next time around, however, the Redmond giant will be sure to mark its territory in the handheld market with the introduction of the ZuneHD, a device that says “me too” but in an impressively threatening voice.

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3rd iPhone Details – Cementing Our Expectations


If rumours are anything to judge by and MacRumors seems to think they are, then the iPhone is losing its stealthy ninja powers hour by precious hour. The usually tight-lipped Apple simply cannot keep its new hardware secret from rumour-mongers, forums or hearsay. One of the latest suggests that the following hardware spec is what we are to expect in our shiny new iDevice. While anyone in their right minds (not us) would reckon that the below items are a shoo-in, TMA is not alone in pontificating Apple’s sometimes parsimonious nature

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Newsflash! NEXT iPhone to Be Even BETTER! Except the Chinese one…

Analysts exist to help stock run up and down based on speculation and silly reports. So, while RBC reckon that a cheap iPhone won’t debut to expectant consumer hands, Lazard Capital Markets analyst, Daniel Amir suggests that indeed, a cheaper iPhone will make its appearance, just not to North American and Europe.

His take is that the cheaper iPhone will not be for those consumers who don’t value fast internet speeds or other features, but rather for different countries. How novel – here, Lazard who were relatively unknown now have a space atop Apple Insider’s blog and now a hand in probable stock shifts. Amir’s predictions are that Brazil, Russia, India and China – or China only – will get the lower priced iPhone that features fewer features while the whuffie-stealing model will be an unpredictable upgrade to the current iPhone. In fact, he goes so far as to say that it will harbour more space! More Camera! And more video! Continue reading…

Netbook Rumours Thicken: But Can’t Touch This Yet

As a review site with a quazi-flare for rumours and yellow journalism, TouchMyApps is all ablaze with the latest building of the myth of Apple’s touchscreen Netbook. Yes, yet another report crept to us a bit slowly from Digitimes that more than just talk is about; an order has been placed for touchscreen panels.

According to the Article, Wintek are cooperating with Apple and are prepping to ship in 2nd half of the year. Wintek also stated that they are unaware of what application the touch panels will be employed nor when the product will materialise.

Be it a bigger iPhone (dear me no) or a NetBook or something we have not fathomed, I do hope that this rumour is more than hot air.