Pulse News Reader (and Mini) apps now Free for All

Pulse News (TMA Review), one of the bestselling news apps on the App Store and featured as part of Apple’s recent App Hall of Fame roundup, will now be free for all the enjoy on both the iPhone and iPad . It appears that the price drop is permanent and Alphonso Labs will rely on partnerships with advertisers and publishers rather than direct revenue from the App Store.

Today we’re announcing that Pulse is free across all platforms! We would like to thank our early users, who have given us both time and money to help build the product to this stage. You have given us the resources to build a company dedicated to improving your news reading experience. We’re now a team of 8 people working very hard to make Pulse better everyday.

As reflected in its reviews and ratings, Pulse has come a long way from its initial launch, and is hugely popular with our users. Making the app free will enable more of your friends to join Pulse thereby improving discovery of interesting content via traditional and social channels.

Displaying your handpicked newsfeeds in horizontal story bars, Pulse News is certainly one of the most intriguing and beautiful news readers for the iDevice. Personally, it’s right up there with my favorite news reader app Reeder, all thanks to its beautiful and easy to use interface. If you’re one to still rely on individual bookmarks on mobile safari to catch up on the latest news, you definitely need to check Pulse News out. After all, it is now free.

Pulse News Reader Pulse News Reader (TMA Review) – Free
Pulse News Mini Pulse News Mini (for iPhone) – Free

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