Android Games Roundup [3/20/20]


So there may be a few more of you than normal looking for something to play right now (if nothing immediately clicks, look up the post’s date to see what I might be referring to), and hopefully you’ll find something in this list to keep you occupied for a while.  For the most part the games this time around get an thumbs up from me, and actually I was fairly impressed with most of them.  Framed 2 was not only a delightful and challenging puzzle game, but I got to try it out “free” courtesy of Google’s Play Pass (the Android pseudo-equivalent of Apple Arcade).  The real standout for me this time around, however, was Dadish.  Not only is the game incredibly fun to play, but it looks great and is quite humorous to boot.  Fans of platform games shouldn’t even question picking this one up.  And as always there are a few other options as well.
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