Rock Band in Review – Superb rhythm and great musical taste a good game do make


When I think back on rhythm games, one of the first that comes to mind is PaRappa the Rapper on the good ol’ PS1. When I think of contemporary examples, Guitar Hero,its offsprings and rip-offs come to mind. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, its undeniable that Rock Band (one of the more popular offsprings of Guitar Hero) has left its imprint on all the consoles. Now, the oft’ copied Rock Band has migrated to the palms of eager iDevice gamers.

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Rock on with Rock Band on the iPhone/iPod Touch

rock-band-preview2Rock Band, the critically acclaimed music game that has graced just about every video game console, has finally made its way to the App Store. Published by perennial heavyweight Electronic Arts, Rock Band on the iPhone and iPod Touch will allow players to jam on the guitar, drums, bass and vocals to 20 legendary tunes (Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins and more). Much like its console counterpart, you can even play with up to 4 friends via Live Bluetooth Multiplayer. And as expected, a built-in music store will allow you to purchase additional tracks to jam to – 2 song packs for $1, as opposed to $2 per track found on the console.

There’s no doubt that hardcore fans of the Rock Band series will be all over the iDevice release, even at its $9.99 price point. That said, the App Store’s current top seller Tap Tap Revenge 3 ($0.99) will surely be giving EA’s Rock Band a run for its money. TMA’s Matthew will be testing out his musical skills and pumping up the jam on the review shortly, so stay tuned!

Electronic Arts, Rock Band, $9.99, 158 MB

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