Free App O’ the Day: Robocalypse Mobile Mayhem

For those of you keeping tabs on the Freeappaday initiative, you’ve likely been enjoying some pretty sweet free iDevice games on a daily basis. Well today’s Featured freebie is none other than Robocalypse, originally a Nintendo DS title that has charmed and been enjoyed by mobile gamers around the world.

In Robocalypse – Mobile Mayhem, players build and command robot armies to fend off attacks from the evil Demolisher and his near-endless supply of maniacal mechanical marauders.

Featuring 10 unit types, 20 varieties of weaponry, 17 campaign missions, 18 unique multiplayer maps, a cast of powerful Hero robots and an intuitive touch-screen interface, Robocalypse – Mobile Mayhem ensures fun for everyone.

Along with other big name RTSes at the App Store (The Settlers, Command & Conquer: Red Alert), Robocalypse remains one of the most fun and highly polished in the i-RTS genre. Needless to say, if you appreciate a well made game, this is one that shouldn’t be missed. Be sure to check out some other notable App Store Freebies, including WildSpace, after the break!

Robocalypse - Mobile Mayhem Vogster Entertainment, LLC, Robocalypse – Mobile Mayhem – Free

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