RISK: The Official Game in Review – Ukraine is back in full scanline glory!

Back in my review of Conquest, I was quite sure that the perfect RISK game had been created. Simple, but loaded with extras, its gameplay is pointed and excellent. But Conquest isn’t an official game. Instead, Ukraine-smashing fans have looked forward to this summer’s release of EA’s RISK. Out it is and for better or worse, it is thrashing my good hard free time.

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EA’s Risk to pound weak Ukraine this summer

As if the glorious Conquest wasn’t enough, board-game mongering EA will bring out an official RISK strategy game this summer. Its name? (cue drumroll) RISK (end drumroll… I said end it dammit!). In case you were wondering, you’ll be able to demolish Ukraine with up to 5 other players in WiFi, Bluetooth and everyone’s finger-print smudging favourite: pass ‘n play. EA reckon they’ve got a great soundtrack to accompany the entire thing, something I look forward to testing myself. The release date is somewhat of a secret unless you can suss its debut by the word ‘summer’.

Need pics and info? Just pass the gap:

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Conquest (Risk Style Game) in Review – Ukraine is weak!


You can even Conquest sideways

Okay, I will tell you a story, and I want you to reply with, ‘TMI’, or ‘too much information’, okay? When I was in grades 11-13, I was in many ways a bigger nerd I am than now. Apart from starting the pen-twirling club at my school and leading the floor-sliding club for best distance, I played Risk or Diplomacy every lunch period. That meant never finishing a game, but carefully packing, unpacking, and then tallying up pieces at the end. I’m a good sport, but as in all things gaming, a loser. In truth, after no fewer than 30 tries of taking over the world (RISK), or Europe (Diplomacy), my score card was litteredwith fewer check marks than I have thumbs. TMI, right? Conquest brings back those hazy secondary school days of so long ago. While developer Seon O’Connor swears that Conquest isn’t associated with Hasbro or RISK in any way, Conquest is one of the best RISK clones I have ever played and a great port of the Windows app.

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