Average Selling Price: iPhone worth 8 Nokia or 2 Blackberry phones

The iPhone's ASP nearly totals the competition

The ever-resourceful @DaringFireball got me onto a clever fellow by the name of Horace Dediu who runs asymco, a quirky but engaging mobile-focused blog. He does a lot of his own research, loads his site with great articles, and gets clicks. This one just happens to be his research on the average selling price (ASP) of  mobile phone competitors: Nokia, Apple, LG, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericcson, and RIM. The results are sour grapes for most of the companies; only Apple and RIM come away without looking foolish.

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U2: Still Haven’t Found What They’re Looking for at Apple – Say Hello to Rim


Image Courtesy U2365.com

In a sudden move, long-time partner of Apple, U2 have chosen RIM as their main supporter in the upcoming U2360 tour. So, hang on to your Product Red iPods and t-shirts and keep nosy hands off your U2 branded collection as they are soon to be short commodity.

What do fans have to say? Well, ehem, I was a tiring U2 fan till my desire weltered after All That you Can’t Leave Behind broke the U2 rule of reinvention. Since that day in 2000, I just don’t care for regurgitated sappy-lyriced pop-rock songs. Far be it from me however to claim fan opinion. For that, head to the thread at U2365.com.

In any case, RIM and U2 can sleep soundly knowing that their decision will cause ripples around the pop-world and likely show Apple that to be hip, you have to stay hip. I’ll queue when Apple brand DJ Armin Van Buuren onto the stainless steel back of an iPod Touch.