Party Gods in Review – Most Excellent, or a Bummer?


Forget the multitude of Guitar Hero clones that are out there.  When it comes to rhythm based games I prefer something wacky and different, and Party Gods certainly delivers in that regards.  As I continually discover when I’m playing rhythm games, however, I apparently have no clue what a beat is.  My biggest frustration with this game is that I am continually getting “Off Beat” messages even when I don’t think I am, which can really break your concentration.  Still, I like the general vibe that Party Gods exudes, and I think with a little refinement it could be something special within the category of rhythm games for iOS devices.
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Beat Sneak Bandit in Review – Sneak that Beat Up

While rhythm action games in the old-school vein of Parappa the Rapper have certainly seen their day, Simogo Games has come to the table with a lightly veiled reincarnation entitled Beat Sneak Bandit. The game takes place in the city of Pulsebury, in which you, The Bandit, have learned that all the clocks in town are being stolen. The suspect is none other than Duke Clockface: villainous owner of the mysterious Clockwork Mansion. Serving more as Batman than Bandit, you invoke vigilante law in an attempt to steal back the town’s clocks.

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