Freebie ‘O the Day: Revolt

For those of you who enjoy dual stick shooters, here’s a great Freebie for you. Revolt, a visually impressive and solid 3D dual stick shooter is now free for one day. ChiffaN reviewed this one recently and had this to say:

Revolt is a solid dual-stick shooter that will probably appeal to the more experienced audience. The story levels are huge and it’s easy to get lost in them, but if you don’t mind a little backtracking along the way, this shouldn’t be an issue. The customization opportunities are quite nice, giving the player more control over your character that is common for the genre.

Since the game runs in 3D and is rather graphics intensive, older iDevice owners may run into lag issues during later parts of the game. No matter, if you enjoy good action and blowing things up, don’t miss out on this paid–>free offer. It won’t last long!

Revolt Kristopher Peterson and Jaap Kreijkamp, Revolt (TMA Review) – Free

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Revolt in Review – Robots vs The Resistance… Where have I seen this before?

It’s amazing how little we think of the technology around us and how much we’ve learned to rely upon it. All those huge automated production lines and supercomputers, which essentially make the parts required to be built by themselves with little or no ultimate intervention by a human being. No wonder the vision of the future, ruled by an elite few commanding such technology is a popular theme in Science-Fiction. And of course there are always those who oppose them! Viva la Resistance in Revolt!

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