Earth vs Moon in Review – Rockets at the Ready


If you are a retro gamer (unlike me), you may have played something by the name of Missile Command. The old concept of shooting down incoming missiles as a defence genre has grown over the years from the Atari system to the Xbox. Now it’s come to the iPhone and iPod Touch (although not the first of this genre) as Earth vs Moon, by Low Five Games. And this game is actually more retro than meets the eye.

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Sega’s Golden Axe Descended onto the App Store

pr-games-goldenaxe-01 pr-games-goldenaxe-02

I’ve fired up Metallica for this one. Not a bit of Metallica – I’ve cued up the entire 80’s and 90’s discography onto my iPod , but am focusing on the particularly nostalgic And Justice For All and the Black Album. Probably a few of you will remember a great and bloody pleasure that had younger versions of ourselves hacking at monsters back in the 90’s. Yes, you have it – Golden Axe has been released at the App Store. This is the Golden Axe that with the sweeping arcs of a lethal blade, dispelled cartoon-esque hero/villian games that dominated the beat ’em up scene nigh on twenty years ago.

Sega, Golden Axe, 4.99$, 2.1MB
Golden Axe

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Dropship in Review – The Best Arcade Game on the iPhone?

ngmoco:) has quickly become a developer many are keeping a close eye on for the iPhone. While they may not have released a bundle of games thus far, the ones that ngmoco have are both fun and unique in their own way (Topple, Dr. Awesome). With the recent release of Dropship, ngmoco has outdone themselves this time and quite possibly have put together the ultimate Arcade game that is as addictive as it is impressive.

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