New iPhone 4 Ad – All about the Retina

While previous iPhone 4 ads from Apple primarily focused on Facetime, the latest ad, dubbed “Every”, is all about the phone’s Retina Display. It’s hard not to notice the striking clarity of the screen when you first lay eyes on it. Doing everything from reading ebooks, surfing the web or playing Retina supported games just becomes that much more enjoyable. Sure the extra processing power, dual camera and Facetime are nice additions, but when it comes down to it, the Retina display is what makes the iPhone 4 such a special multimedia wonder. If you’ve yet to experience the display for yourself, take a look at Apple’s product page comparing the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4’s screen via an interactive magnifying tool.

iPhone 4 Parts costs $188

According to Businessweek, market research firm iSuppli estimates that the 16GB iPhone 4 components costs approximately $187.51. The latest iteration of the iPhone retails for $199 on a 2 year term and is rumored to go for $599 without a contract. Not surprisingly, the most expensive part is the highly touted retina display, which comes in at about $28.50. The snappy A4 processor (manufactured by Samsung and also found in the iPad) adds $10.75 to the total. As well, the gyroscope chip costs $2.60 per unit, compared to the $0.65 price tag of the accelerometer found in all iPhones.

Of course, this estimated figure doesn’t factor in all the costs associated with manufacturing the phone (labor, R&R, packaging to only name a few), but it’s interesting nonetheless to see just how much it cost Apple for some of the iPhone 4 components. And in case you’re wondering, the $188 is essentially in line with the cost in parts for previous iPhones.

[via MobileCrunch]