Google Search app for iOS gets Google Now feature


Google Now has been available to Android phones for several months now, and it has finally arrived for the iPhone and iPad. Described as “the right information at just the right time”, Google Now is the latest feature found within the Google Search app. Once you sign into your Gmail account, “Cards” will appear at the bottom that provide helpful info like local weather, currency conversion when travel abroad, traffic conditions to your next likely destination, sports scores, flight status and much more.

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Languages released for iPhone – a cheap and gorgeous offline translator

Languages, brought to you by Sonico (iTranslate+) and Tapity (Grades 2), may very well be the last translator you’ll ever need on your iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s not only beautifully designed and works offline, but it’s also just $0.99. Twelve complete language dictionaries are included (Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch etc.), so there’s no need for internet access to look up words and phrases – most ideal for when traveling with your iDevice.

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New and Improved: Google Search for iPad

 The Google Search app has been updated and it’s now better than ever on the iPad. The new features make searching for what you want much more interactive and easier as well. Google Instant starts displaying results as you’re typing the search term; a slide-in pane lets you slide back and forth between browse pages and results; visual search history can be accessed by swiping right to reveal snapshots of pages you’ve visited (organized by search terms), and more. Here’s the full list of “What’s New” for the iPad:

✓ See search results and websites side-by-side to quickly browse pages and results
✓ Swipe through the image carousel to see image results in full-size
✓ Compare search results as webpage snapshots in Instant Previews mode
✓ Use Google Instant and search suggestions to get to search results faster
✓ Revisit past searches with Visual Search History
✓ Highlight what you want to see on a webpage with the new Find button
✓ Easily share pages and +1 sites
✓ Quick access to other Google apps like Gmail, Calendar, Docs and more

After even the first few minutes of using Google Search on the iPad, the slide-in pane feature alone made it difficult for me to go back to Safari. The downside is that since it wasn’t designed to be a full fledged browser, the app doesn’t support tabbed browsing. Still, for day-to-day googlin’ on the iPad, the host of new features definitely makes this a keeper. Check out the video demo after this space.

Google Search Google, Google Search, – Free

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Library App Reviews: Goodreads, iBookshelf and Book Crawler

Goodreads iBookshelf Book Crawler

We all love books, right? If you’re like me, your reading list is long and getting longer every day. We’ll never finish them all, but heck, when someone recommends a book, we probably still want to jot it down for future reference.

A good list can be a real blessing when trying to remember an author or a book we’ve just read, finding the name of the next book in a series, or easily sharing our favorite books with friends.

The three apps reviewed here are excellent candidates for keeping track of all the books we love and all the books we want to read.

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Google Translate App arrives on iPhone

Google’s surprisingly accurate translation service, first seen on the iPhone back in 2008 as a web app, is now here as a standalone app for the iDevice. Google Translate accepts voice input for 15 languages, and like the web app, it can translate a word or phrase into one of more than 50 languages. Even more impressive, you can listen to the translations spoken out loud in 1 of the 23 supported languages. There’s also a handy zoom feature that enlarges the translated text to fit the entire screen. Definitely a useful feature if you’re making your way around a foreign country and in need of directions and what not. As with all Google apps, this one’s free and well worth your while.

Google Translate Google, Google Translate, 1.9 MB – Free

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Hugh Johnson’s Wine Guide 2011 in Review – Possibly useful for sommeliers, useless for everyone else…

Those sommeliers have one of the best jobs in the world, don’t they? Drinking good wine and getting paid for doing it and even more for writing about it… Well, one of the best-selling wine writers, Hugh Johnson, has decided to jump on the iOS bandwagon and release his own wine guide on the App Store. Hugh Johnson’s Wine Guide 2011 is now available to help us, common folk, decide what bottle we’ll be drinking this evening.

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Mixologist: Drink Recipes in Review – Vodka-Martini – shaken, not stirred! + Promo Codes

Note: We have 20 25 promo codes to giveaway for Mixologist. Simply leave a comment in our review to receive your free copy!! (1st 25 will snag a code)

I love alcohol in all of its varieties and am not afraid to say so. What could be better than a glass of fine red wine after a hard day’s work? But every once in a while I have a craving for something special. And in these times I turn to one of my books with cocktail recipes. Or recently, to my iPhone and the excellent app – Mixologist: Drink Recipes.

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White Park Bay’s Oxford Reference Series in Review – The devil is in the details

White Park Bay recently released a handful of new Oxford Reference Dictionaries to add to its already strong suite. The new dictionaries feature a few upgrades to the Oxford Reference series I reviewed before. These include: better mail integration and indexing as well as a structured note-taking system. For 14.99$, they remain a little pricey, but are great titles for the would-be know-it-all.

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New App: National Geographic World Atlas – A Journey All around the Earth

If only Professor Otto Lidenbrock and his nephew, Axel, were born a century and a half later – their trip to the interior of the earth would have been spared a few mishaps. As it is, National Geographic World Atlas comes at a poignant time: when the news of earthquakes and floods constantly tips all four corners of the globe in the minds of more and more people.

World Atlas allows armchair adventurers to explore the globe in: classic, political, satellite, and antique views. It also makes use of the in-built triangulation and GPS functions.

National Geographic World Atlas National Geographic Society, National Geographic World Atlas – $1.99

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Leonard Maltin Movie Guide in Review – Decades Of Reviews In The Palm Of Your Hand


Reviewing and critiquing movies from as young as 18, Leonard Maltin has had numerous books published as well as an almost 30 year long career on television with Entertainment Weekly. Most recently, his renowned “Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide” has made it onto the iPlatform. Thanks to developers MobileAge, “the 2300 page Godzilla of movie references” is now even more accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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