Red Conquest Promo Code Giveaway! (Closed)

Dontcha just love contests?!

TouchMyApps is giving away 10 copies of Red Conquest ($3.99), a highly enjoyable and fully featured RTS for the iDevice. Fans of John Kooistra’s earlier games (Blue Defense and Blue Attack!) and the genre will find hours of gameplay over single and multiplayer game modes (via Bluetooth or WiFi).

Red Conquest is a real-time strategy (RTS) game, set in open space. Experience the intergalactic war between the Blue and Red forces like never before!

Take command of your fleet with a user interface designed specifically for the mobile platform! Casual players of RTS games will appreciate the ease of managing their units with simple multi-touch controls, while RTS veterans will love the variety of advanced macro- and micromanagement options for tactical warfare. Conquer the Blue forces in this epic prequel AND sequel to the events in Blue Defense and Blue Attack!

The other good news is that an update (Episode 2) is on the horizon, with more content and even Internet Multiplayer to be implemented! So how to enter this sweet giveaway? Complete details on how to enter after the break!

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Red Conquest! in Review – The redskins are coming, the redskins are coming!


Blue Defense and Blue Attack! have already earned their rightful place in the iPhone games Hall of Fame. Having been brought to the platform by a small dev team which featured original graphics style and excellent gameplay, they have quickly found their fans and have even seen their games shoot up the best-seller charts. And now Cat in a Box Games have released a sequel/prequel to their earlier titles, one that allows us to look at the conflict from the other side – and in the form of an RTS no less!

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