Freebie Alert: Reckless Getaway and Puzzle Quest Chapter 1 now free for limited time

Two fantastic iPhone games have gone free today. Polarbit’s Reckless Getaway (the “sequel” to Reckless Racing), my favourite pickup-and-play title on iOS this year, has you weaving in-and-out of traffic like a (mad) professional getaway driver. The superb graphics, tight controls, unlockable chapters and mindlessly fun gameplay make this one of the best iDevice games around. Just see for yourself why this one is so darn addictive.

Now a drastic change of pace – Puzzle Quest Chapter 1, has also dropped to free. The game that popularized match 3 style of play with RPG elements, Puzzle Quest had graced the Nintendo DS and PSP before making its appearance on the iPhone. Now that Chapter 1 is free, ch 2&3 can be unlocked for $0.99 each. If PQ tickles your fancy, be sure to check out Puzzle Quest 2 (TMA Review) as well.

Puzzle Quest Chapter 1 TransGaming, Puzzle Quest Chapter 1, – Free

Reckless Getaway Polarbit, Reckless Getaway, – Free

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10 New App Store Games To Watch [July 11 – 17]

I’m sure the top story this week is 9mm from Gameloft, but I’m going to mention Pocket RPG, the latest offering from Crescent Moon Games.  This stylish RPG should be a treat for anyone that likes dual stick games or rougelike offerings.  I just wish they would have released the iPhone version first.  Racing seemed to be a prevalent theme this week.  If you enjoy futuristic jaunts you should check out Protoxide: Death Race from HeroCraft.  On the other hand, if you just want to cause havoc in the current era, Reckless Getaway might be more your style.  Finally, those that are more interested in proving their skills than causing any damage at all should consider Xtreme Wheels, a trial bike game that offers some really intense graphics given the game’s style of game play.

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