Reason to Jailbreak #1443: Bluetooth keyboards

Among non-vocal jailbreakers, I am probably one of its meakest proponents. I’m not a pirate and not much of a hacker. But when out and about, I would love a better way to enjoy a cup of coffee, a sandwich and my iPod touch at the same time. Currently, I have to do either one or the other, and in the heat of it all, remember to wipe my greasy fingers. Of all the cryptic messages I have seen on da internets, “Available in the Cydia store before Christmas” has sent heretofore absent chills up and down my spine. In short, Jailbreak your hamstrung iPhone if you long for the more graceful input allowed by external Bluetooth keyboards. Sometime soon, the iPhone Bluetooth Keyboard driver will make quick work of emails, stories, and obtuse SMS messages.

It will debut at the Cydia store in time for Santa to drop something beneath the Christmas tree. Click here for more information.

iTwinge iPhone Keyboard – training wheels for the iPhone


Hang in till November this year if you are waiting to BlackBerry-ise your iPhone. Yes, you too can have buttons on your touchscreen, thanks to iTwinge, a removable keyboard ‘skin’ for your iPhone. The company behind the iTwinge, Mobile Mechatronics, promise that the keyboard and a bit of muscle memory will reduce errors by up to 80% for heavy texters and emailers who suffer from too much backspacing.
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