ReaddleDocs For iPad In Review – Reading and Reviewing With Readdle Is Remarkable!

One of the first things I thought the iPad would be good for was reading my PDFs. Whether it’s work or personal, I have a lot of manuals, paperwork and magazines in PDF format and hate not being able to have them on me at all times. Readdle is no stranger to the App Store. Having already seen great success with their iPhone apps (including the very popular ReaddleDocs for the iPhone) I was extremely pleased to see that they were remaking their premier document reading app for the iPad .
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Scanner Pro app Updated to 2.0

One of the great things about the iPhone camera is that it can essentially turn your device into a portable document scanner. TMA’s SteveNaka reviewed several of these apps in the past and found Readdle’s Scanner Pro to be one of the best he’s come across at the App Store. With the newly released 2.0 update, Scanner Pro features some nice improvements:

  • Smart page edges detection
  • Camera stabilization while taking images
  • Password protection for the entire application
  • Google Docs integration (upload scanned documents to Google Docs)

With the ability to upload to Dropbox, MobileMe, Google Docs and more, as well as scan from a range of items (business cards, receipts, whiteboards etc), Scanner Pro should come in handy for students or while doing business on the road.

Scanner Pro Readdle, Scanner Pro (TMA Review) – $6.99

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Scanner Pro 2.0 – iPhone Document Scanner gets Major Update

Odessa, Ukraine – Today Readdle announces the release of Scanner Pro 2.0, the newest version of their popular iPhone application which transforms the device into portable document scanner. Scanner Pro 2.0 introduces number of important new functions like integration with Google Docs, camera stabilization, automatic paper edge detection and passcode protection.

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ReaddleDocs 2.1 update – DropBox and GoogleDocs support added

The already impressive ReaddleDocs got a huge update last week, garnering it an even more laudable feature set. It has always been a benchmark app which transformers your iDevice into a wireless flash device for native viewing of an impressive array of filetypes. 2.1 brings donwload/upload support for GoogleDocs and DropBox. Yep, it’s pretty much a pocketknife for reading applications and comes well-recommended by TouchMyApps.

New features:
– Browser: clear history, “return to browsing” button, open bookmarks from main page
– Saving Web Archives (complete pages with images)
Embedded browser is only available when safari is enabled in “Parental controls”

Bug fixes:
– improved stability for POP3/IMAP transfers
– fixed issues with WebDAV client
– line breaks in text editor are shown correctly
– stability and interface fixes in PDF viewers
– minor interface improvements

ReaddleDocs (documents/attachments viewer and file manager) Readdle, ReaddleDocs (documents/attachments viewer and file manager) – $4.99

More info after the gap:

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TMA Forums Giveaway O’ the Day (Closed)

Our featured Forums Giveaway of the day is brought to you by Readdle, a developer known at the App Store for their popular business and document solutions apps. Up for grabs today are: ReaddleDocs, a robust and great looking file management app that will allow you to access your files and docs no matter where you are; Take a Note, a versatile note taking app where you can create a variety of memos in different formats (and easily transfer to Windows/Mac) and last but not least, DocScanner, an app that will turn your iPhone into a portable scanner. As usual, we have 5 copies of each to giveaway. Complete entry details on how to win one of these Readdle apps after the break!

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Scanner Pro in Review – Readdle Helps Make Your Printed Word Portable

I’ve reviewed DocScanner, JotNot, and Business Card Reader, three apps which were designed to function as portable scanners. If one lacked in features, the next was unorganised.  Many people questioned the need for another portable scanner, but I ask: why use 2 apps when one is enough? Let me put it this way: Readdle’s Scanner Pro really is quite sweet.

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Cannons in Review – A Real Blast!

Review-Game-cannons-01I’ve spoken before of my love for puzzle games. I think they are great time-killers and when well-designed, can be loads of fun. Recently, I’ve been pretty lucky finding great titles like GreenFingers, Cubit and Electric Box. Today I was able to get my hands on the latest game from Readdle, Cannons. At its base it’s not a new game concept, but the way they’ve designed and executed it definitely sets it apart.

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PDF Expert in Review – Reading with the Readdle Reader


There are a fair amount of PDF readers available at the app store nowadays ranging from free to $9.99, or more! With the lower price range usually lacking features, and the higher range apps more of a “suite” which include functions which may not be necessary if all you want to do is read a document. Readdle, developers of popular business/productivity app ReaddleDocs, have chipped in with their own offering.

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Encrypto in Review – Protecting your Photos from International Spies & Nosey Friends

encrypto1Ever been on a Top Secret Covert Operation behind enemy lines where you are  just moments from being captured by a brutal enemy who will stop at nothing to get photos of your wife and kids that you have strategically placed on your iPhone or iPod Touch? With so many of us having been in this position at one time or another, I believe we’ve all had the same thought cross our minds: “I wish there was an application I could use to protect those I love at this very moment.” Worry no longer. That application is here; your family and friends will always be safe thanks to Readdle.

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Readdle Promo Code Giveaway! (Closed)

takeanote1 readdledocs1

TouchMyApps is giving away copies of Readdle’s Take A Note ($4.99) and ReaddleDocs ($9.99) applications. If you’re looking for a versatile and well made productivity and note transferring app, you certainly can’t go wrong with what Readdle has to offer. Both are loaded with features and are some of the best I have tested out in their respective app categories. 2 lucky readers will be given a set each of Take A Note and ReaddleDocs. To enter for a chance to win, have a read through our Readdle reviews and submit a comment, telling us what your impressions are of these two apps. Winners will be selected randomly and the contest will close Feb 19th, 2009 @ 11am EST.

The articles can be found here : Take a Note, ReaddleDocs.

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